In 2004 Gotham initiated its first annual Networker of the Year Award. In 2012, we added a new award, our Red Bandana Award, given to a member who exhibited an extraordinary level of altruism during the course of the year. This award is given in honor of Welles Remy Crowther (son of our former member Jefferson Crowthers), who gave his life on September 11 in service to others.

The award can only be won once and gains entry in to the hallowed Gotham Hall of Fame.

These are wonderful members of our family and only you know who is next!
2023 Gotham Award Winners
A well-deserved group of winners!
Warren Bergstein
A solid networker who thinks of other Gothamites first.
Bruce R Swicker
A thoughtful and focussed networker
Robert C. Intelisano
As a rookie of the year, Robert embodies the spirit of Gotham.
Caitlyn Ryan
A Rising Star this year
Steven Nicholas Somma
A Rising Star in Gotham
Vincent Chirico
Is this year's heartfelt Red Bandana award for his Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow
2021 Gotham Award Winners
As Gotham evolves, so do our awards with a first ever Rookie of the Year.
Ray Walcott
"Reliable" Ray Walcott is networker of the year.
Michael Steger
Along with Ray, Michael was anointed Networker of the Year
Paula Oleska
Rookie of the Year
RitaSue Siegel
RitaSue is this year's prestigious Red Bandana award for her selfless acts.
2020 Gotham Award Winners
In a tumultuous year, Gotham still stands tall as evidenced by the selfless giving of our recipients.
Brad Scherer
A member of the Queens group, Brad personifies Gotham.
Daniel Schwartz
Another member of the Queens group, Dan consistently helps, refers, and gives.
Lourdes Villanueva Hartrick
Lourdes was shocked to receive the Red Bandana Award this year. She gives her heart to her community.
2019 Networkers of the Year + A Red Bandana Recipient
Another incredible year of networking and social connections as exhibited by out three recipients.
Robert Esposito
A well-connected individual who has been building the Florida presence for several years!
Shelley Simpson
Shelly takes Gotham to heart in all her daily activities and it shows.
Mitch Tobol
A shocked Mitch Tobol accepted the Red Bandana award with grace and style honoring its moniker, Welles Remy Crowther who gave the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11
2018 Networkers of the Year and a Very Special Red Bandana Award
A wonderful night in view of the Christmas tree in NYC.
Brett Deutsch
The man who was taking pictures needed to take a selfie when he received his Networker of the Year award.
Jefferson H. Crowther
The Red Bandana award was started to honor his son Welles Remy Crowther and fittingly this year, it was awarded to his Dad for his commitment and unselfish efforts in how the courageous and selfless actions of one man can touch and inspire thousands.
Laurel Scarr-Konel
The hardest working Networking of the Year for 2018!
2017 Hall of Fame Winners!
Two networkers of the year plus a Red Bandana recipient. In addition, five charities were given $2,500 each.
Carly Bentley
A true networker who has brought her special energy and talent to the Philadelphia groups.
Susan Zinder
A long time Gotham member, Susan has given her time and effort, unselfishly, to promoting and growing Gotham
Jason Greenberg
In the spirit of Welles Remy Crowther, Jason was the recipient of the Red Bandana award.
2016 Networkers of the year and a Red Bandana Award given
A beautiful event capped by the award winners and 4 $5,000 donations made to charities through the Gotham Foundation
Tom Gallin
Surprised Tom was humbled by the well deserved honor
Barry Moniês
Another deserving winner from Connecticut, Barry is instrumental in running the CT Dinner group that rocks!
Kenneth Granieri
This years recipient of the Red Bandana award selflessly took care of his brother for over 20 years...he exemplifies what this award means.
2015 Networkers of the Year and Red Bandana recipient
2015 was a watershed year for the Hall of Fame. We had our first Young Pro recipient who is a rock star networker! The Red Bandana award was a powerful story of heart and great results!
Sarah Annese
The first Young Pro ever to win this prestigious award. An incredibly well deserved recipient who has proven herself time and time again.
Raj Goel
A long time networker who was responsible for starting the "posse."
Philip J Smallman
Recipient of the Red Bandana award. Phil exemplifies the selflessness of Welles Remy Crowther.
2014 Networkers of the Year and a Red Bandana Award Winner
A fantastic evening where we honored these three deserving individuals plus through The Season of Giving, four organizations received a charitable donation!
Liz Saldana
A great networker and caring person.
Cynthia Somma
This years recipient of the coveted Red Bandana Award.
Lawrence Sprung
Networker of the year!
2013 Networkers of Year and a Red Bandana Award Winner
A great honor for all three.
Lucas J. Meyer
Exemplifies true Gotham spirit as a networker of the year.
Norman Spizz
As a backbone of Gotham, Norman makes the events shine and deserves this award. He was very surprised.
Paul Napolitano
As the second winner of the Red Bandana Award, Paul continually comes to the rescue for people in need. His big heart and easy smile always gives comfort.
2012 Networkers of the Year and the 1st Red Bandana Award Winner
The awards were given this year to two Group Coordinators who have gone above and beyond. This is also the first year for our Red Bandana Aware given in honor of Welles Remy Crowther.
Erin Ardleigh
Hard working with a great smile, Erin continuously has sold out meetings.
Steve Kirschner
Started and grew the Real Estate Group to a record size.
Cheri Elferis
The first recipient of the Red Bandana Award for selflessness in the true spirit of Gotham
2011 Networkers of the Year
They were very surprised!
Corey B. Bearak
Corey Bearak GOtham GREEN Chairpeople Gotham Towers LI Legal
Joshua B. Zinder
Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design Princeton NJ GOtham GREEN Construction Chairpeople
2010 Networkers of the Year
Redeheads unit!!!
Judy Heft
Judith Heft & Associates, LLC
Group Coordinators Fairfield County
Ester Horowitz
M2 Power Inc
Long Island Healthcare
Group Coordinators
NY Healthcare
South Shore
2009 Networkers of the Year
Two focussed and deserving gentlemen.
Jack Halpern
My Elder Advocate
Marc Halpert
Your Best Interest LLC, e-giving and Connect2Collaborate
New Haven
Group Coordinators CT Shoreline
Chairpeople Bandit
2008 Networkers of the Year
A very surprised pair!
Lisa B Waterman
Israeloff, Trattner & Co., CPAs, PC
Women Long Island
Long Island
LI Legal
Israeloff Legal
Group Coordinators
Scott Klein
Scott is focussed on networking
2007 Networkers of the Year
Two exceptional women were honored. As it happened, both have the same initials J.M.!
Judie Moceri
A consistent and dedicated networker who is also a Group Coordinator
Judy Mines
Judy is always thinking of how to help
2006 Networkers of the Year
These are hard working Gothamites who well deserve to be honored.
Connie Cohrt
Penn Mutual/ Hornor Townsend & Kent, Inc.
Kelly Welles
Welles Financial Services
Diversity Group
Lefty Group
2005 Networkers of the Year
Legendary members Bob Formica and Mike Zeldes were recognized at the Gotham Holilday Party on November 29th as Networkers of the Year!
Michael Zeldes
Hub International Northeast
Executive Group
Robert J Formica
In Memoriam 1948-2011
Formica I
2004 Networkers of the Year
Our very first networkers of the year! A wonderful party and celebration
Jeffrey Kamberg
Robert Half International
Linda R. (Queenie) Newman
Haskell Brokerage Corp.
Lefty Group
Group Coordinators
Open House
Real Estate