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Here’s a thundering shout out for Corey Bearak, a true friend and embodiment of the Gotham Credo “it’s better to give than to receive and what goes around comes around.”


At dinner the other night I asked him for very specific introductions and since then he hasn’t stopped delivering. This is a man who knows the whole world, is eager to share and never stops giving.


He’s a gem; if you know him you will no doubt agree, and if you don’t you ought to get to know him! Thank you, Corey.

Bruce Choist

Last week, I needed to connect a client to an employment lawyer in Denmark.  Thank you to all who responded.

Anthony Verna, a member of our Dinner group, was able to make a personal introduction to a firm in Denmark that was exactly on target.  Because of Anthony, I was a hero to my client.

This network is awesome!

Nancy B. Schess



No one likes to come home with on a Sunday night from after a great birthday/Valentine weekend --to find out a pipe burst under your kitchen

sink and flooded/destroyed your already finished basement.

I knew I couldn't do this alone. I texted Jason Greenberg, knowing he might already be on vacation. Guess what--he was on vacation and handled everything, always on top of what was needed in regards to filing an insurance claim. While i was losing my mind, he also became my therapist.


Everything from top to bottom has been clear,concise and completed.

Should this happen to you, please don't hesitate to callJason! His number is (646-425-3711). I also referred a dear friend and they are also very happy!

Thank you Fred, for introducing and recommending Jason to me .and Jason, I can't thank you enough!

Cindy Somma


A few weeks ago, I reached out to Gotham for help.  I was hoping to be the most amazing Aunt and help my niece, Cate,  and her fiancé, Dustin, who were going to be visiting DC today  and wanted to visit the White House.


Bill Blanco responded with help and through his diligence and his wonderful son Billy, they arranged a private tour of the Capital (including behind the scenes where regular tours do not go!).


And of course Cate and Dustin absolutely loved the private tour and spending time with Billy who went above and beyond for them.


Bill and his son are true givers – they worked tirelessly to help create a special day for Cate and Dustin who just called me full of excitement to share how amazing it was and what an incredibly great guy Bill’s son, Billy is.


So  a success all around: my niece had a great time and I made a new friend in Gotham: Bill Blanco.


If you have not met Bill yet, do yourself a favor and make time to get to know him – he’s someone who embodies our philosophy of “it’s better to give than receive” so let’s help do good for Bill and think of him when we can use his services so he will see that “what goes around comes around.”


Bill can be reached at:


Work Phone: 646 898 3580

Thank you Bill and thank you Billy!

Debbie Lindner


Gotham & Dan Schwartz are AMAZING!

I put the request to fredslist last night, several gothamites recommended Dan.

He responded last night after 11pm(!!) and promised to look into it.

Dan looked at the CARR support system and gave us the correct info/useful info by 8:22 am!!!




For those of you who don’t know William Skody, of Skody Scot & Co., in addition to sponsoring multiple Gotham events, his firm provides accounting and tax services to non-profits.  I referred a non-profit client to him over the weekend and he was back to them this morning (before I woke up), confirming that he could handle their needs.  William is one of several great Gotham resources for non-profits.

Mike Steger

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