Raj Goel

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Raj Goel

87-90 118 Street, Richmond Hill, New York, 11418

E-mail: raj@brainlink.com

Phone: 917-685-7731

Company: Brainlink International, Inc.

Position: Chief Technology Officer

  • work-phone 917-685-7731
  • mail-address raj@brainlink.com
  • mobile 917-685-7731
  • location 87-90 118 Street

Brainlink International was founded in 1994 with the mission to help businesses like yours get the most out of their technology investments. In the 20+ years since, we have developed and refined our approach to support in to order help our clients achieve greater success in business with state-of-the-art IT solutions, service and products. We are specialists in NYC-based, NYC-headquartered, privately owned Financial (Private Equity, Investment, Hedge Fund, Family Offices) and Construction (Construction/Contractor, Architectural and Property Management) industries. We actively seek operationally mature, successful, growing firms as clients. We know that not everyone can be our client, nor do we need to chase everyone for business. As an operationally mature, successful IT firm that focuses on security, compliance and improving operational efficiencies for our clients, we are careful about who we do business with.


Brainlink specializes in:
- IT Consulting for NYC-based Private Equity & Construction firms
- Cybersecurity for NYC-based Private Equity & Construction firms

Business Category: IT

Website: www.brainlink.com

Good Lead:  CFOs and COOs at  - Private Equity Firms - Construction Firms