Hans Hanson

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Hans Hanson

104 Shawmut Ave, North Haven, CT, 06473

Company: CollegeLogic

Position: Founder and CEO

  • work-phone 203.470.3704
  • mail-address hans@mycollegelogic.com
  • mobile 203.470.3704
  • location 104 Shawmut Ave

I am a national college advisor, specializing in finding the right college fit for high school students and lowering college costs for parents; winning admissions, earning scholarships, and for athletes, playing college sports. I have been doing this for nearly 15 years, having authored several Workbooks, Books and E-books, Published Articles, hosted over 300 college educational workshops, and worked with several hundred families.


Save thousands on college costs!

Win college admissions!

Play college sports!

Earn an on-time meaningful college degree!

Get the job you need to live the way you want!

We are a team of expert college advisors, helping families win college admission acceptances, earn scholarships and financial aid, and for athletes, land a college roster spot.

Furthermore, we provide guidance to help our families get the desired outcomes making college worthwhile.

Business Catergory: Colleges Universities & Schools



Good Lead: A good lead for me are parents of high school students who want to get college right for their child and save thousands on college costs in doing so. A good lead for me are high school and college students who would like to develop a college study and career path.