Hans Hanson

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Hans Hanson

104 Shawmut Ave, North Haven, CT, 06473

E-mail: hans@mycollegelogic.com

Phone: 203.470.3704

Company: CollegeLogic

Position: Founder and CEO

  • work-phone 203.470.3704
  • mail-address hans@mycollegelogic.com
  • mobile 203.470.3704
  • location 104 Shawmut Ave

I save parents thousands in college costs. I turn their kids dreams into reality. I teach, coach, and mentor student-families on taking ownership of their outcome. I use college as my platform for doing so. I work with student-families from all around the country, South America, Canada, India, and Spain to find their right college fit for winning admissions, earning scholarships, and for athletes, playing college sports. I work with college students who may be considering a college transfer or change in their major. I have been doing this for nearly 20 years, having authored several Workbooks, Books and E-books, Published Articles, hosted over 300 college educational workshops, and worked with several hundred families.


Get College Right-
Become more knowledgeable on what you're about to buy—COLLEGE.
Better understand what the college wants from you—MONEY
Take ownership of your desired outcome—JOB
Be involved and engaged with a strategic plan—WIN!

We are a team of expert advisors, helping students create unique advantages, differentiating themselves from the pack—A BIG DEAL!

If getting college right for your child is worth it to you, then let's talk.

Business Catergory: Colleges Universities & Schools

Website: www.mycollegelogic.com

Good Lead: A good lead for me are parents of high school students who want to better understand the world of college and how to get their desired outcomes. A good lead for me are high school and college students who would like to develop a pathway to their success and satisfaction.