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Rona Gura
Are We Alone?
Posted By : Rona Gura

As many of you know I am an avid science fiction fan. As a fan, I often wonder about the possibility of advanced life outside of our solar system. Perhaps, the better statement is, I hope for the existence of advanced life beyond our solar system and anxiously anticipate the possibility of contact during my lifetime.   Even if I was not a science f

Corey Bearak
A change is gonna come
Posted By : Corey Bearak

Probably not fair to borrow the title of the iconic song by Sam Cooke for the change I currently face. It really only affects me. The solution also evidenced how relationships matter and how pro bono involvements can offer unintended and unexpected benefits. I returned a call Friday from Jim who runs the servers that hosts four websites that rea

Mitch Tobol
Are we done with winter?
Posted By : Mitch Tobol

Is that it? I can't help but wonder if the sparse snowfall we've experienced is all we're getting this season.   Climate patterns are shifting, and with them, our expectations of seasonal norms. Only time will tell.   I may have to move to Buffalo.     

Fred Klein
My Rap
Posted By : Fred Klein

Last week when my turn came at the joint Queens/Westchester Zoom networking meeting, rather than do my usual presentation, I "Spit":My name is Fred, most people my age are dead.   This Rap shows my Cred and my quest is to make you bread! You should have seen the stunned faces on the full Zoom screen and some who weren't paying full attention evenas

Benjamin Geizhals
The Neptune Resort Motel
Posted By : Benjamin Geizhals

As a young child my family took me to Miami Beach. We stayed at the Neptune Resort Motel, which, I recently learned, was on Collins Avenue at 159th Street in the long-since demolished Motel Row (and has been replaced by high-rise condos). Our trips were an annual family vacation ritual.  Until a few weeks ago, when we stayed at a hotel

Crysti Farra
Blessed to be Stressed
Posted By : Crysti Farra

As I sit in a hotel room in Woodlawn, MD tonight, preparing for what might be the most consequential meeting of my career, I ponder the meaning of my work. Am I stressed? You bet I am!  Do I work too many hours? Absolutely! Do I have work life balance? Arguably, many would say a resounding NO!  HOWEVER, knowing that as I meet tomorrow with the Comm

Nancy Schess
The In-Office Experience
Posted By : Nancy Schess

  Coming out of the pandemic (although I’m not sure we ever really have come out of the pandemic), I’ve learned that I really like my time in the office.  The hustle, bustle and plain social nature of being around a group is just plain fun.      I am convinced I learn more in the office as well – even at this stage in my career.  There is no substi

Rona Gura
What Position Are You Sleeping In?
Posted By : Rona Gura

I was recently reminded that, no matter what, I sleep on my side. And, specifically, I sleep on my left side. My husband sleeps on his back.   I had injured my left shoulder, making sleeping on my left side painful. I tried sleeping on my back and then my stomach, as both positions were much less painful. But I could not do it. I had to sleep on my