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Benjamin Geizhals
Temperatures Falling
Posted By : Benjamin Geizhals

With temperatures falling, I wonder whether it’s time to go inside.Like many people, over the past year and a half we have been reluctant to eat inside restaurants and have been dining out outside.Exercise has been a challenge and we have not been inside a gym. Walking has been the major exercise escape and we’ve enjoyed the outside tent and equipm

Is Bigger Better? For Me it Was!
Posted By : ODEY RAVIV

The news from the Box Office for Movie Theaters is improving.  For each of the last 3 weeks, the 100 million dollar mark was hit for the first time since Covid shut down the in-person movie business.  People have been heading to the movies to see James Bond in No Time to Die. The scary Halloween Kills and Marvel’s Venom did very well,too.   I wante

Nancy Schess
It's Dark Outside
Posted By : Nancy Schess

I always know Daylight Savings is ending and the time to move the clocks back is coming when it is dark outside as the morning alarm starts to sing.  I enjoy the change of seasons and look forward to it every year.  There is something special about the crispness of a fall day.   But getting up in the dark is a different experience.   Rationally, I

Rona Gura
Drink of Choice
Posted By : Rona Gura

Last week was one of “those” weeks. You know the type, when you breathe a sigh of relief when you leave the office on Friday night. And, it was Friday night when I left. A judge felt the need to “punish” my client and her soon to be ex-spouse for not settling their case. The punishment? Scheduling a court conference for 4:30 on a Friday afternoon.

Corey Bearak
Two weeks of celebrations.
Posted By : Corey Bearak

Last night was the last of two consecutive birthday celebrations involving the Bearak household.  The need to herald the Gotham Green Awards and call for applications via last week’s commentary sort of combine this into one.  Last night I tweeted, “Finally seeing the historical play on Broadway developed by the very talented son of my friend ⁦‪@Veg

Mitch Tobol
Posted By : Mitch Tobol

I've had the privilege of driving to New Jersey and Brooklyn this past week. Planning the trip to Brooklyn on Wednesday, Waze told me it would take about an hour from my house. It actually took over 2 hours...okay. However, I left the appointment at 2:30 and Waze came up with a 1.5 hour drive. It took over 3 hours.    Jersey could've been in a dif

Fred Klein
Soon To Be World Famous
Posted By : Fred Klein

We have a friend who is soon to be World famous.  His name is Guy deBoer (pictured) and he is endeavoring to fulfill his dream to be the first American to win the prestigious around the World Golden Globe, 30,000 mile, solo sail boat race.  He will embark, single handed, next September from France on this nonstop race.  The race has been described

Benjamin Geizhals
Posted By : Benjamin Geizhals

One definition of root is to noisily applaud or encourage a contestant or team.Here we are in baseball’s post-season. The local teams - who are the usual objects of our attention and support - are all packed up.I find myself watching the play-off games, primarily because it’s just good baseball. And I find myself far from neutral as I watch. But I’

Nancy Schess
A Flu Shot
Posted By : Nancy Schess

Have you yet?   Bill and I went to our local drugstore this weekend to get our annual flu shot.  What a difference a pandemic makes.   There was literally a line.  Honestly, it was kind of nice to see.  I’m pretty sure the line was a mix of folks getting COVID and flu shots but it made me feel good.   Years ago, I would never take a flu shot.  No r