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To forge a virtually cost-free partnership steeped in the spirit of fraternity (or sorority as the case may be) that goes beyond matters of immediate concern. This spirit is best served by fostering a climate characterized by Gotham's mantra. Said another way we are all non-salaried, non-commissioned sales people for each other! Thus, we seek to create a family/tribal environment stimulating mutual growth: business, social, creative, intellectual, artistic, charitable or otherwise. Our endeavors should enrich each participant through altruistic acts undertaken with a genuine concern for the welfare of our fellow networkers and the world.

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Roberta acted calm on the outside, but on the inside realized that her time was up.  Todd had brought her into the picture knowing that his brother would trust her.  She had no reason not to get involved, no reason to turn down the money and no reason to rattle the cage once she knew in her gut that she'd never get the money.  Her lonely life of prostitution and drug abuse had sealed her destiny long before she was enticed and sacrificed by Todd.  As much as the promise of we...
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Ethics and Whistle Blowers |
      Marc_Halpert wrote 1 Day Ago  
    My 13+ year roller coaster ride is about to get more daringly exciting! See my latest blog posting published by LinkedIn at
        Sherry_Rivera wrote 2 Days Ago  
      We invite you to our next GOtham Green meeting. We have had a wonderful response and have so many Circuit Riders and Fresh Fish who have responded so far and the responses are still coming in. Help us welcome them. Join us on Thursday 4/24 12:30-2 at the Friars Club.
          Fred wrote 2 Days Ago  
        Please see our new poll (below right) honoring today's Boston Marathon.
            Fred wrote 3 Days Ago  
          For those that celebrate: Buono Pasqua!
            Fred wrote 4 Days Ago  
          Please see and comment on Mitch's blog above. Help him set his comment record. :)
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            » Yes, I have to say “no” a lot. Blog
                Fred wrote 7 Days Ago  
              Don't miss the latest edition of the Gotham City Gazette. Just click on Gotham Speaks at the top of this page and read the good words of our members from Boston to South Florida. Special thanks to Editor Ester Horowitz and Columnists Shelley Simpson and Liz Salana!
                  Fred wrote 12 Days Ago  
                Paul Napolitano is the 2013 Red Bandana Award recipient and as such he keeps on ticking ( giving). My wife lost her diamond ear ring in the shower and we immediately thought if it could be retrieved Paul could do it. He came over today and quickly did so like the Super Hero he is. Thank you Paul!
                  FreddFishman wrote 13 Days Ago  
                Heartbleed virus what to do? the answer is Nothing at this point.Do not change your current passwords on popular and personal websites. Once the Websites you use like Facebook have confirmed they have already taken the proper measures to address Heartbleed. then Change your password only once, do not use the same password for each of your logins. If they don't indicate that they taken steps to secure the site from Heartbleed security breeches, that site is still at risk, the new password could also be compromised. Many sites will also likely send e-mails instructing customers to update passwords if necessary
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                  U.S. Employers – Crossing Fingers is Not a Sound Strategy: H1B Quotas Met in One Week Signal That It Is Time to Implement Plan B | SMA Law Firm | U.S. Immigration and Consular Law
                      Laraine_Schwartz shared link 13 Days Ago  
                    The Basics of Employment-Based U.S. Visas | Jersey City Divorce, Real Estate and Immigration
                        VikramRajan shared link 14 Days Ago  
                      First 2 Points for Bulleting Your Blog… Part 1 | How do so many Attorneys, CPAs, etc. get their blogging, LinkedIn, & e-newsletters done in minutes? Talk to
                          Stephen_Ganns shared link 14 Days Ago  
                        Beware the Tax Scammers! | gannsblog
                            witsowitz shared link 15 Days Ago  
                          Will the Real Patient Please Stand Up? |
                            Business in Gotham
                            April 22, 2014, 7:33 am
                            Posted by Marc_Halpert
                            Have you optimized all the recent LinkedIn changes? No? Contact me for expert consultation to make the WHY YOU in your profile pop!!
                            April 23, 2014, 2:21 pm
                            Posted by Ruth_Domber
                            Just posted a $100 coupon on our website!!
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