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To forge a virtually cost-free partnership steeped in the spirit of fraternity (or sorority as the case may be) that goes beyond matters of immediate concern. This spirit is best served by fostering a climate characterized by Gotham's mantra. Said another way we are all non-salaried, non-commissioned sales people for each other! Thus, we seek to create a family/tribal environment stimulating mutual growth: business, social, creative, intellectual, artistic, charitable or otherwise. Our endeavors should enrich each participant through altruistic acts undertaken with a genuine concern for the welfare of our fellow networkers and the world.

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As this weekend began, we just returned from visiting mom in Florida. The visit includes helping mom some and catching up with friends who relocated there and/ or have places there.  I also enjoy checking out their living spaces and musing about what we might consider if we took the full or partial-time plunge.  I certainly enjoy the outdoor pool and Shelly enjoys the gym in the clubhouse across the road. Yet here as I draft this, I find comfort in the place my daughter name...
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  RoxanneBrowning wrote 3 Days Ago  
The Univ of Denver Alumni in NYC was the latest group of guests that enjoyed a chocolate and wine pairing. Many classes came together to reunite and meet new faces. The chocolate and wine was the draw to this sold out event! Held at Henri Bendel event space, a great location that offers the space for free provided that the host buys $40 gift cards. After the chocolate and wine pairing, all went to shop. Not a bad night!
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        RoxanneBrowning wrote 9 Days Ago  
      Anther tribe - the Kichwa, native tribe of the Amazon and one of our stewards of the rainforest. They live off the land with respect that goes back 1,000's of years. I lived with them a while ago to understand and share how they harvest cacao for the Kallari chocolate they own - a 900 family cooperative. This photo shows "shopping" in the jungle with the baby for the days meals. But without the car or train to get you there and no plastic bags to carry it home. Very efficient and proud people.
          RoxanneBrowning wrote 9 Days Ago  
        Food for thought! A misnomer that chocolate has caffeine with the same effect as coffee is a myth. The Theobromine in chocolate is a relative to caffeine without the jitters. Instead, it's a mood enhancer that gives that euphoric feeling. If you drink chocolate in the morning, it will give you sustained energy throughout the day, rather than a quick pick me up and then a low. Of course, I'm referring to handcrafted dark chocolate. Commercial chocolate does contain lots of sugar. If the label lists sugar as the first ingredient, than you are consuming mostly sugar and just a little chocolate rather than real dark chocolate where the first ingredient is cacao with little sugar. Look for 70% cacao or higher. If you are sensitive to sugar, it will give you that same caffeine like nervous energy. However, some commercial chocolate companies do add trace amounts of caffeine. The amount is lower than the label requirements so they don't have to include it on the label. I'm a chocolate sommelier, I educate and entertain through the joy of fine chocolate and wine pairings.
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          Craft Chocolate
              Amparo_Connors added photo 10 Days Ago  
            Fred opens the Battle of the Bands
                Amparo_Connors wrote 10 Days Ago  
              Fred asked that I write an article, from my perspective as the parent of a band competitor, about Sunday’s Battle of the Bands ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gratitude; this was the theme for this Tuesday’s Gotham Towers meeting (one of our unique qualities is a theme for each meeting). I had no prior knowledge what the theme would be; when I heard it I thought “how perfect”! Tremendous gratitude for Gotham’s Battle of the Bands is what I shared with the Towers attendees, and would like to share with all Gotham members. One of the key differentiators of Gotham Networking is the emphasis we place on each other’s talents; we help by connecting the right expert to satisfy a need. Through special Gotham events we also discover the talents of members, their families and friends. Collectively we share countless moments where gratitude reinforces why we are Gotham members. Sunday at Café Wha? in the Village, I was the proud parent of one of the musicians competing in the Gotham Battle of the Bands. The opportunity to see my son Jeff Connors, and his bandmates, participating in a showcase of musical talent at a storied venue was a very gratifying experience. Now in its fourth year the Gotham Battle of the Bands began at a Queens High School. Thanks to Gotham member William Skody, we rocked Café Wha? Six bands were anonymously selected as finalists by a dedicated event committee chaired by Norman Spizz. A variety of musical styles and diversity in performers added to the enjoyment of a terrific afternoon. I was very impressed by the impeccable format and seamless flow of the six sets of performances. Fred Klein welcomed everyone, and Norm acted as our emcee. Jeff’s band was the first to perform. An Indie Rock band often compared to The Cranberries, It was Romance chose to do four original pieces. Lane Moore was the impassioned vocalist for each piece. As an appreciative Mom I focused on my son. Jeff was in his element throughout; very relaxed and skilled playing the bass and rocking his long blond mane (yes, he IS half Colombian). I’ve enjoyed Jeff’s performances since at a young age he was the understudy for Oliver in a Community Theatre production. When he majored in music at Fordham U., I loved Jeff singing with the school’s chorus particularly at Carnegie Hall. At Café Wha? I could feel Jeff’s passion as he played; knowing how excited he was to share his music with a new crowd I was very grateful for this moment in time. For one of the pieces Lane incorporated a synthesizer and on another an electric ukulele. Their lead guitarist and the drummer also exuded energy and confidence. The closing song was vibrant, very unique, delivering a strong finish and cohesive vive. Being first to perform the crowd was lighter than in the later sets. The audience appeared to enjoy this set even though it was likely their first time hearing this band. In my biased view, because of their originality I would have awarded them third place. As I immersed myself in each following segment I decided to write down personal observations of the performances, and try to guess how the five judges would rule. I also noted comments from varied attendees. The second band to perform, Quantum Split, quickly revved up the crowd. Billing themselves as a Rock N Roll band, their heavy metal guitar stylings appealed to a group of zealous followers. As an opener for an outdoor metal festival they would likely get the hype and energy going with their showmanship. The lead singer Soleil Laurent has a melodic voice, but some of her stage mannerisms, and those of her bandmates, bordered on the extreme for my taste. Like Jeff’s band, they were not one of the three winners. I found it interesting that the band several of us chose as the likely winner came in second place. The third to perform, Upstate Rubdown was our absolute favorite. Adjectives I heard and wrote were “unique, amazing, and terrific”. My daughter Kelly, a singer herself, wrote “harmonies were spot on. The lead soloist sang effortlessly as if the notes just flowed out.” Their use of various instruments made the set interesting to watch, and they were great at getting the audience involved. Cohesive in mood and style, the group of three women vocalists and four men instrumentalists incorporated an upright bass, alto and tenor sax, flute, and mandolin, along with traditional guitar and drums. Their memorable pieces blended jazz, blues/folk, and country/rock pop. Upstate Rubdown left the audience cheering this talented group and with a desire to hear more. A Rock/Metal band, Shadow Blister Effect, performed fourth. The four young men seemed a cross between a Boy and 80’s Rock Band. Lead vocalist Anthony Zucchero unveiled an excellent voice, but his diction could have been better. My companions felt this band’s performance appeared to be a rehearsal, and not a full presentation. Too loud guitars drowned out the vocals and their attire seemed thrown together. Shut out as a winner, I see this band as having great commercial potential because of their appearance an ease on stage. The first place winner was the band that played fifth, Quickdraw. Very skilled musically this Country/Southern Rock quartet had a large group rooting for them yet felt disengaged from some at Café Wha? They reminded me of a beach cover band; energetic but not as creative as Upstate Rubdown. Lead singer, Steve Ronsen, looks like an 80’s throwback singer with a touch of Johnny Depp. Glenn Sherman, the lead guitarist excelled with a slide guitar solo. Although Quickdraw lacked cohesion in appearance, I would have placed them second because of their excellent harmonies and guitar prowess. Curiously the other five bands performed a solid twenty minutes, the max allowed, yet they were three minutes short. The group that came in third place, Off The Record, performed last. Although accomplished musically, in my book they are as their name describes; a band that plays songs from records we’ve heard. A Classic Rock Band they’re the musicians you hire to play at a high end party. Since I approached the day from the perspective of discovering up and coming talent, I found them a bit dull and lacking in uniqueness. Comprised of four seasoned gentlemen, including drummer Curt Arnell a Gotham member, “a band for an older crowd” is how I and those around me described them. The audience connected to the familiar songs, which may be what appealed to the judges. So they ‘had a good beat and you can dance to them’, but they did not feel like an innovative ‘I must listen to them again and again band’. Throughout the afternoon Norm thanked the varied sponsors and committee members. Prior to announcing the winners, while the highly qualified judges reviewed their notes, Fred thanked many key people that put together a fun and memorable Battle of the Bands. He also announced that all participants, regardless of how they placed, could have an opportunity to perform a thirty minute set at Café Wha? This brings me back to the gratitude from my son Jeff Connors, for the opportunity to further share talents and grow a following. I’m grateful too for having enjoyed a few hours of music and friends because of Gotham. What a gift; thank you!
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              With my son Jeff after Battle of Bands
                  JoannaSchaffer wrote 12 Days Ago  
                Tuesday night's joint meeting of the NY Women and LGBT Groups was a blast! I met some terrific people and am really excited to be back for the June 8th Lunch. Thank you Andrea for your hospitality. Joanna Schaffer
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                  High Line in NYC guide to things to do in and around the park
                      Corey_Bearak wrote 12 Days Ago  
                    Webmaster Mitch Tobol doing a great job tonight on primer on using our tribe's website.
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                      NYC Noir Photo Series Offers Evocative, Atmospheric Look at Contemporary New York - Curbed
                          Liz_Saldana wrote 16 Days Ago  
                        On my calendar today: 2 apartment showings, 1 call with a potential new client and some paperwork at the office. Tonight it's all about fun!
                            Corey_Bearak wrote 17 Days Ago  
                          Thank you to the following Gotham Battle of the Bands® sponsors Jazz Sponsors: 5th Street Advisors (Lucas Meyer) Klein Zelman Rothermel Jacobs & Schess The Phoenix Public Adjusters Group, Inc. (Jason Greenberg) The Luthman Law Firm (Richard Luthmann) Minuteman Press of Bellerose (Scott Levine) Pegalis & Erickson (Annamarie Bondi Stoddard) Philip J. Smallman, Attorney at Law The Gaines Law Firm (Richard Gaines) Organic Harmony Music Management (Jim Kramer). Hip Hop Sponsors: John Gallin & Son (Tom Gallin) Cafe Wha? (William Skody) Skody Scot & Co. (William Skody) Strategic Public Policy (Corey Bearak) Rap Sponsors: Law Offices of Michael D. Steger, PC Uplifting NonProfits (Sonia J.T. Saleh) S.C. Horn Associates, Inc. (Steven Horn) Carriage Trade Insurance Agency (Michael Jakob) Curt Arnel and Associates Morgan Melhuish Abrutyn (Meredith Kaplan Stoma) and our overall Gotham City Networking, Inc.® Silver Sponsors, Brainlink International (Raj Goel) and John Gallin & Son (Tom Gallin)
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                            Donald Trump And The H-1B | SMA Law Firm | U.S. Immigration And Consular Law
                              The Power of Gotham

                              Fellow Gothamites:

                              No one likes to come home with on a Sunday night from after a great birthday/Valentine weekend --to find out a pipe burst under your kitchen sink and flooded/destroyed your already finished basement.


                              I knew I couldn't do this alone. I texted Jason Greenberg, knowing he might already be on vacation. Guess what--he was on vacation and handled everything, always on top of what was needed in regards to filing an insurance claim. While i was losing my mind, he also became my therapist.


                              Everything from top to bottom has been clear, concise and completed.


                              Should this happen to you, please don't hesitate to call Jason! His number is (646-425-3711). I also referred a dear friend and they are also very happy!


                              Thank you Fred, for introducing and recommending Jason to me and Jason, I can't thank you enough!


                              Cindy Somma

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