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To forge a virtually cost-free partnership steeped in the spirit of fraternity (or sorority as the case may be) that goes beyond matters of immediate concern. This spirit is best served by fostering a climate characterized by Gotham's mantra. Said another way we are all non-salaried, non-commissioned sales people for each other! Thus, we seek to create a family/tribal environment stimulating mutual growth: business, social, creative, intellectual, artistic, charitable or otherwise. Our endeavors should enrich each participant through altruistic acts undertaken with a genuine concern for the welfare of our fellow networkers and the world.

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  We all know that networking is amongst the most powerful marketing tools. Success in building your business is directly related to who you know and perhaps more importantly, who knows you.     But my question for you today is – what is the value that you find in networking that is not directly about building your client base? How does networking help your business in other ways?     In my world, networking is equally important for both purposes. Having the support of gr...
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15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently | Forbes
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Once again the members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association descended on the Capitol for a day of education and empowerment.
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    Update regarding WannaCry Ransomware Outbreak Dear Gotham We are following news reports today of a ransomware strain that has – so far – hit 74 countries around the globe. You should be aware that your own systems may be at risk. Everything I.T.,LLC recommends the following actions to our customers and friends: Immediately update both desktop and Laptop Windows systems with the Microsoft updates including Microsoft patch MS17-010 Be extra cautious right now – even clicking on a suspicious attachment could instigate a ransomware attack Backup your files If you need help Please contact your IT Staff, IT Service Providers or me @
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      Habits of self-made millionaires - Business Insider
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        Constance Soutwick educating the Gotham Power Breakfast group about the NYC residential real estate "market"
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          Been a long time since I was a member but when I heard Danny Mizrahi was putting together a group I jumped on board as Danny is a great networker and I love networking with great people. Also WGN was on hold after the financial crisis but we have been growing our group again and this year is looking to be a great year! I look forward to networking with everyone and if I can be of any help please reach out.
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            World Golf Network 2015 Highlights by HTV - YouTube
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              On April 12, 1853 the New York State Legislature passed a bill granting formal approval for the creation of the very first trust company, chartering the United States Trust Company of New York. We are the oldest trust company in America. Five days later, on April 17, 1853 our founders convened to hold their very first board meeting. By June 30, 1853 they had selected a board of trustees that included 30 prominent New York industrialists, merchants, bankers and civic leaders. The board elected Joseph Lawrence, former president of the Bank of the State of New York and Chamberlain (Mayor) of New York City, as U.S. Trust’s first president. John Aikman Stewart, who would go on to serve U.S. Trust for over 73 years, was appointed secretary of the new trust company. U.S. Trust was chartered with the goal of creating a new kind of corporation, a company built for the long term, with values to outlast the fashions of any one age. A company designed to grow with the country, promoting positive economic and social change. A place for safeguarding personal and corporate wealth. Since then, in the face of almost unimaginable upheaval, from the Civil War to the digital revolution, we’ve remained true to that vision, and we continue to hold dear our founding tenets: Fiduciary responsibility, client service and leadership of the financial community. Happy Anniversary to U.S. Trust!
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                Happiest of birthdays to the woman who makes my life better every day. Love you Victoria!
                  The Power of Gotham

                  Why I love Gotham...


                  Last night at 10:30 I sent a request to fredslist regarding my need to speak with someone about a technical question I had about a NYC certificate of occupancy and a condo conversion.


                  8:50 am today Tom Gallin from Gotham Construction group sends me the name of an expeditor, Kevin McCreesh.   Spoke to Kevin, retained him for his consultation.  All before 10 am!


                  Marty Klein, Co-Chair Gotham Dinner Group


                  You can read all of the powerful Gotham stories here.

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