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Paula Oleska

1133 Broadway, Suite 1219, New York, NY, 10010


Phone: 646 554 3461

Company: Natural Intelligence Systems, Inc

Position: Owner, President and CEO

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I am a best-selling author, Mindset Maverick, Procrastination Wrangler and Motivation Maximizer. Through my unconventional career path, that included being a modern dancer, opera singer, and a yoga instructor among others, I discovered the missing piece to training effectiveness! Most trainings leave participants frustrated: they know what to do but they are not doing it. My unique system solves that problem and creates Radical Rapid Results in productivity, time management, engagement, mindset and Emotional Intelligence. I have been in private practice in New York City for over 30 years, and I have worked with over 8,000 professionals in five different countries to help them achieve unheard of results in record time. I have been a speaker at numerous international conferences and my articles have been translated into five languages. My audio program “Your Secret Brain” has been published by Nightingale Conant and is available on Audible. My mission is to unleash people's own Inner Genius so that can have more joy and fulfillment in their lives while eliminating unnecessary straggle and suffering. I am now training practitioners in my Radical Rapid Results through Brain Upgrade®, to extend there results to more people.


My company, Natural Intelligence Systems, Inc., has been providing training that optimize brains to achieve maximum results. These training became popular with the agencies of the New York City Government:
1. Brain Hacks for Eliminating Distractions and Skyrocketing Your Productivity;
2. Brain Hacks for Solving Emotional Problems without Talking About Them for Hours, and
3. Growth Mindset.
These training are available to any company that wants to skyrocket their results and can be delivered remotely or in person.
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Good Lead: Government agencies, company leaders and HR professionals who want to skyrocket productivity, effectiveness and engagement to maximize profits.