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    Paula Oleska

    1133 Broadway, Suite 1219, New York, NY, 10010



    Company: Natural Intelligence Systems, Inc

    Position: Owner, President and CEO

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    Paula Oleska is a Mindset Maverick, best-selling author and professional trainer. She is a neuro-behaviorist with a deep background in the mind-body connection. A former dancer and opera singer, and a current circus performer, she invented powerful techniques to enhance her performances, alleviate stress and achieve optimized outcomes. As a result of her unique background and her studies of the brain-mind-body connection, she created her proprietary system: Radical Rapid Results through Brain Upgrade®, and she is now providing these services to the business community. She specializes in maximizing sales, eliminating burnout and solving conflicts. Paula has worked with over 8,000 professionals in five countries and is internationally recognized as a leader in applying neuroscience to changing mindsets and behaviors. Paula has presented in numerous international conferences and her presentations have been translated into five languages. Her audio program “Your Secret Brain” has been published by Nightingale Conant and is available on Audible. Paula’s mission is to eliminate unnecessary struggle, pain and suffering. She does that by empowering people to unlock their own Inner Intelligence to create better solutions in their business and in life. To that effect, she is training practitioners to expand the reach of her Brain Upgrade method. She will start her second cohort later this year.


    Using my proprietary system, Brain Upgrade®, my company maximizes sales, increases engagement, unleashes morale and sky-rockets profits.
    When business owners and company leaders are frustrated with not meeting their goals, when the workforce is stressed and disengaged, we can turn things around with the unique
    Radical Rapid Results™ method.

    Business Catergory: Consulting


    Good Lead: Business owners, company leaders and HR professionals who want to rapidly improve sales, increase team work and create a more engaged workforce to sky-rocket profits.