Bruce Swicker

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Bruce Swicker

1140 Avenue of the Americas, 8th Floor, New York, New York, 10018

E-mail: bruce.swicker@epicbrokers.com

Phone: 212-764-6740

Company: EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Position: Vice President, Lawyers Program

  • work-phone 212-764-6740
  • mail-address bruce.swicker@epicbrokers.com
  • mobile 929-280-1672
  • location 1140 Avenue of the Americas, 8th Floor

Back in 1993, had anyone told me that I would find my passion in insurance, I would have looked at them like they had two heads! Well, here I am nearly 25 years later, and loving every minute! Early in my insurance career, my focus began trending towards executive & professional liability issues. Presently, my primary client base consists of lawyers and law firms. Other areas that in which I have experience include medical & healthcare professionals, accountants, design professionals, consultants, etc. I also have a subspecialty in non-standard, or hard-to-place risks. Gotham members should never hesitate to call me to discuss any insurance related issue. Never a "hard sell" here! Trust builds over time, and if at some point we do some business, well, that'll just be icing on the cake!


EPIC ("Edgewood Partners Insurance Center") was founded in 2007 and has grown to become one of the Top 10 privately-held insurance brokers in the country. While we have offices from coast-to-coast, I operate out of the NY/NJ offices and head up the law firm practice for the NY region. Obviously, legal malpractice and related cover is my primary specialty, but I handle all forms of executive and professional liability, including directors & officers, cyber, employment practices, fiduciary, etc.

Business Category: Insurance Property & Casualty

Website: www.epicbrokers.com

Good Lead: A great opportunity for me would be a lawyer or law firm (or any other professional, for that matter) that is either just starting up, or that has not had a comprehensive coverage review in some time.  Possibly not getting the level of service, professionalism, or technical expertise that they have every right to expect from their present insurance broker.