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Corey Bearak
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Gotham Business POWER Breakfast

Gotham Business “POWER” Breakfast — a non-compete group of industry leaders dedicated to helping each other grow personally and professionally by sharing best practices and offering referrals, recommendations and introductions — meets virtually, occasionally with other like-minded Gotham groups. We encourage people to come join our power gatherings and visit to see what we are all about. Our members are all seasoned professionals with a broad range of experience from a wide array of business types and models.Recognizing the benefits of meeting virtually, this group is designed to build on its virtual Power gatherings by encouraging and facilitating the “one-to-ones” small group meet ups in between that make Gotham famous.  Virtual meetings make it possible to bring people together irrespective of geographic location, thereby broadening the reach of each member; this includes easy access for circuit riders and guests where logistics might otherwise preclude participation.

  • Dec13

    Business/Power Breakfast Meetiing

    Gotham Business POWER Breakfast Group Meeting Join us for a morning cup, some business opportunities in your pocket, and a fresh start to your day!   Meetings are online with Zoom!   Contact either Shelley Simpson or Vincent Chirico for t, ...>>