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2 days ago 4 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I was so saddened by the news last week of the death of David Cassidy. He truly was my first child hood crush.   As a young girl, I remember saving up $8.00 in cash and coins and mailing it all away to be a part of his fan club.  Immediately upon receiving the posters and small heart stickers with his  picture on them, I proceeded to cover my walls.  I’ll never forget how angry my mother was with me when she saw  fifty one inch stickers glued onto my pink wall. But, for David...
9 days ago 11 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Several years ago-after Hurricane Sandy-my husband and I decided to apply for a grant, through N.Y. Rising, to raise our home above flood level.  After several years of applications, submissions of plans, costs etc. and a variance hearing, work is set to begin on our home tomorrow.   During the construction, the bottom level of our home will be obliterated and the top level will be raised over twelve feet in the air. Obviously, as a result, we have to move out of our home dur...
16 days ago 7 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I am hoping that this blog is not read as a political blog. Rather, I hope it’s read as a blog about family.   I was saddened to see pictures, on the internet, of Malia Obama tailgating before a Harvard football game. There were allegations that she was doing much more than tailgating, but, when I realized what I was looking at I quickly clicked off of the website. I remember how difficult freshman year at college was for me, living away from my family for the first time, mak...
37 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I am a big fan of “Shark Tank.”  I love seeing the different products and hearing the sharks’ reactions to them. But I think what I enjoy the most is hearing the advice the sharks give the entrepreneurs.  If you listen closely, sometimes it’s almost a master’s class in running a business.   Recently, Mark Cuban said something that really resonated with me, “Running a business is almost like taking care of a small child. You have to always nurture it and constantly watch it.” ...
51 days ago 10 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  About five years ago, I wrote a blog about the issues I was having with a former client who owed my firm significant money. He had taken to the internet to disparage me and my firm in order to have leverage over his debt. The blog essentially centered on the help I received from others to deal with this sort of extortion.  Through that experience, I  learned how important it is to have a network of family, friends, and colleagues and that it is okay to ask them for help whe...
58 days ago 7 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It happened again last week. I was rushing to get to work on time and, while putting on my panty hose, I noticed a run in them. I quickly grabbed another pair. As I was now late, I rushed to put on the new pair. In my haste,  my finger went through them causing a hole.   Happily, I was able to get the third pair on without any mishaps and get to work. But, throughout my drive to work that day, I was annoyed thinking about the waste of money spent on two pairs of panty hose, o...
65 days ago 7 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Recently, I wrote about a controversy in my home, toilet seats up or down. And I was grateful for all the responses. Apparently, there is another debate brewing in my home and it concerns ice, crushed or cubes?   My refrigerator makes both crushed ice and ice cubes. I have learned that I seem to have an aversion to crushed ice. My daughter loves to make herself a large cup of crushed ice and will leave the refrigerator on that setting when she’s finished. If I do not look at ...
86 days ago 16 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
As I watched the coverage of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, I noticed that I was extremely uncomfortable watching the news reporters give live feeds from outside during the storms. I watched, with a bit of disbelief, a news reporter from CNN reporting from the middle of the flooded streets of Miami advising everyone that there was a mandatory curfew in effect as the streets of Miami were an extremely dangerous place to be. The juxtaposition between where she was standing and wha...
93 days ago 3 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
In the past, I would have followed the reporting of hurricanes, earthquakes etc. with a sense of empathy but, admittedly, also with a bit of apathy. In this world in which we are immediately connected to world events through the internet, it is easy to become a bit emotionally detached from world events.   I noticed, however, that my interest in Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma is much different other natural disasters. I have been anxiusly watching CNN for updates on both...
100 days ago 7 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Having had an unexpectedly hectic summer, my husband and I decided to look into taking a quick, low cost, get away this weekend. We looked into various road trips as well as places that were a short flight away. I was shocked as to how inexpensive it would be to fly to Orlando. Hotel prices were equally inexpensive. Apparently, as school starts here this week and has already started in Florida, Orlando is not a popular Labor Day destination.   Initially hesitant about bookin...
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