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334 days ago 7 comments Categories: Health Tags:
  I am a bad patient. I am emphatic about having my annual check ups and mammogram. But, beyond those, I rarely listen to my doctor’s recommendations. I think it’s time to change my ways.       On Thursday, I had a medical procedure on my leg which required several stitches. As the procedure was a bit more complicated than the doctor had anticipated she advised me to take it easy on Friday though the weekend, to stay off my leg and keep it raised. I told her that I had a hear...
1006 days ago 5 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I have seen so many articles lately which tout the importance of consistent nightly sleep. Apparently, some of the few benefits of having healthy sleep patterns are improvement in memory, reduction of stress and anxiety, aid in weight loss, reduction in inflammation, a sharper focus, and, essentially, help you live longer.   I, admittedly, have horrible sleep patterns. I am definitely not consistent in when I go to sleep or how long I sleep. Some nights during the week, ...
1734 days ago 10 comments Categories: Health Tags:
  As I wrote about last week, I am a horrible patient. While I am very conscientious about going for my annual check-ups with my internist and gynecologist as well as my annual mammography, I rarely follow up with anything else. I am sharing my recent experience in the hope that, perhaps, I help someone else.     Three years ago, during my annual check-up, my doctor told me that she felt nodules on my thyroid and advised me to go for a sonogram. Totally negating what she wa...
1741 days ago 7 comments Categories: Health Tags:
  I am a big baby in two aspects of my life, my birthday (which I have already blogged about) and taking care of myself. As my husband who is a doctor will attest to, I very rarely go to the doctor (other than my annual check-ups) and, when I do, I complain incessantly. When I get sick, I revert to a whiney, whimpering ten year old girl.     I’m writing this blog on Saturday morning and I have a bad cold. On Friday night I left the office relatively early (5:15), came home,...
2196 days ago 8 comments Categories: Health Tags:
For the past several weeks, I have been following the story of Brittany Maynard. For those of you that are unfamiliar with her story in January 2014, at twenty-nine years old and married for just one year, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and told she had three to five years to live. Two months after she underwent surgery to remove part of the tumor it had grown back with such intensity that her prognosis was revised. She was then diagnosed with a glioblastoma and told...
2217 days ago 8 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Memory is a funny thing. There are some things I have a lot of trouble remembering. Several times a week, I’ll find myself walking into the pantry in my house or the file room in my office only to forget what I went in to get. And five minutes after I take my daily vitamin, I find myself trying to remember whether, in fact, I actually took the pill. Yet, there are some things I hope to never forget;  how it felt to first hold my children, how it felt to say “I do,” to...
2532 days ago 17 comments Categories: Health Tags:
My youngest daughter was diagnosed ten years ago, at the age of eight, with ADHD. Since her diagnosis, her ADHD has always been managed with medication. As Sydney has grown, we have had to change her medication from time to time because, at some points in her development, certain medications have stopped working. When changing prescriptions we have had to try different treatments as some drugs were not effective for her and she has had adverse reactions to other medicatio...
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