Rona Gura
I'm Not A Golfer
Posted By : Rona Gura

Every year my blog is published the day of the Gotham golf outing. I was never a golfer. I decided to try golfing as a physical education elective while I was a senior in high school. On my first day of class I took a long swing and happily watched the ball take off.     My happiness was short lived, however, when my ball went straight towards the

Rona Gura
Equal Justice?
Posted By : Rona Gura

When my fellow bloggers were writing about the Ray Rice/Adrian Peterson scandals and their impact on the NFL, I remained uncharacteristically quiet. I believe I posted one comment on Erik’s blog in which I wrote that domestic violence is never acceptable. I decided to add my voice to the dialogue when I read that US Women’s National Soccer T


It's Monday, Monday. Let me know what you think about. . .

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