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1216 days ago 5 comments Categories: Games Tags:
Every year my blog is published the day of the Gotham golf outing. I was never a golfer. I decided to try golfing as a physical education elective while I was a senior in high school. On my first day of class I took a long swing and happily watched the ball take off.     My happiness was short lived, however, when my ball went straight towards the teacher and hit him hard.  It hit him so hard that he went straight to the nurse’s office. I went straight to my guidance counsel...
1895 days ago 4 comments Categories: Games Tags:
  The latest story out of the Jets locker room has me intrigued. According to the NY Post, some players have said that Geno Smith and Ik Enemkapli were having words over a $600 debt Smith allegedly owed the linebacker. Supposedly Smith was “taunting” Enemkpali over it. Enemkpali challenged Smith to say it to his face. Smith did and pointed his finger in Enemkpali’s face, which then led to Enemkpali punching Smith and breaking his jaw.       Smith is out for eight to ten w...
2189 days ago 7 comments Categories: Games Tags:
When my fellow bloggers were writing about the Ray Rice/Adrian Peterson scandals and their impact on the NFL, I remained uncharacteristically quiet. I believe I posted one comment on Erik’s blog in which I wrote that domestic violence is never acceptable. I decided to add my voice to the dialogue when I read that US Women’s National Soccer Team player Hope Solo will be going to trial in early November after being charged with two counts of misdemeanor domestic violen...
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