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5 days ago 12 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  For months my husband and I have anticipated this. We have discussed this back and forth, imagining what it would look like. And, like everything else you anticipate as much as we have, it happened very differently than expected. I am talking about eating in a restaurant.       On Saturday night, we took a ride on our friend’s boat. It was just my husband and I and the couple who owned the boat, so we were able to stay socially distant. The plan was that we would head to a...
12 days ago 14 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  During this quarantine, it always lifted my spirits to have a Zoom or Skype conference call and “see” people. Even if those calls were necessitated through work, seeing other people always added a smile to my day. Now with the nicer weather and things opening up a bit it has been nice to see people-- other than those in my quarantine group-- in person.       Last week, I met a friend for an early morning walk on the boardwalk. Even though we have been speaking regularly...
18 days ago 11 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  In a blog published a few weeks ago Mitch wrote, “Without looking online, I try to guess what's in the Amazon box that's delivered to my front porch seemingly every day.” Mitch’s words resonated with me as there seems to be a box from Amazon on my doorstep almost every day. And, like Mitch, I usually try to guess what is in the box without looking at the alert on my phone. Almost as if I were getting a present, even though I am paying for the “present.”     I decided to ...
26 days ago 4 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  Prior to the pandemic, I rarely, if ever, gave out my cell phone number professionally. I only gave it to clients  in limited cases. I never felt it necessary as my voicemail at my office is automatically sent to me via email. And I am constantly checking my email.         Covid-19 changed that for me. Since the NY Pause Order went into effect, my cell number appears everywhere, on my automatic signature on my email, my letterhead, and on my website. I have also freely give...
33 days ago 14 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  With Nassau County having entered Phase 1 of the reopening I began to think about what going back to my office looks like for me. As I wrote in a past blog, I do not believe that I will be in my office five days a week as I can work efficiently from my home office. But I do need a presence in my Garden City office.       I decided that I will start back in my office on Monday, June 15. Initially, my plan is to be in the office, at least, Monday through Wednesday. And then ...
47 days ago 13 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Last week I sat in my new home office--otherwise known as my daughter’s old bedroom--looking at an 800 page deposition transcript that I had to read. Rather than sit in the office and read, I moved to my living room. I made myself a cup of coffee, put my feet up and began reading.   About an hour and a half in, I realized that even though I was sitting on a couch with my feet up drinking coffee, I was very focused on my task. I had taken excellent notes on what I was read an...
54 days ago 15 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I remember when the thought came to me. It was mid-April and I was feeling sad. I was sad for the people we lost and who were sick. I was sad for the tremendous financial loss so many people were feeling. There were a lot of reasons to be sad.   I needed to turn myself around. I needed to think about what I had to be grateful for. I was grateful for mine and my family’s health. I was thankful that we have food on the table and a roof over our heads. But on that day, I jus...
61 days ago 14 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  I have been playing around with this blog idea for a few days now. The picture Fred posted on his blog on Friday made me “seal the deal.”       I realized several weeks ago that face masks are going to be a part of our lives for the immediate future. So, I ordered a few “stylish” masks for myself and my children. My husband is a medical professional and must use a hospital grade mask, so he did not want one of the stylish masks. My daughters wanted animal prints, tie-dye ...
68 days ago 21 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  As we continue in our efforts to flatten the curve, one idea has stayed in my mind. Long after we have a vaccine for the Covid-19 and we can return to work in some fashion, several habits we are creating now will remain in place. Most notably, I believe that the rise in the number of meetings we hold via video conference will continue. I believe that many types of meetings/conferences that we had previously had in person will continue as video meetings. So, my question is w...
75 days ago 16 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  In the age of the Coronavirus, my name has become a hashtag. That is, people have been using the hashtag #Rona to post about the virus on social media. I have seen my hashtag on Instagram and on Facebook. I have been told that I am also on Twitter, Snapchat etc. I am all over social media.       Apparently, I am also trending!!!  My hashtag seems to be everywhere. I have always wanted to go viral. Unfortunately, this is not the way I imagined it would happen.       What...
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