Rona Gura
The Trailer is The Thing
Posted By : Rona Gura

I think the internet has changed the importance and use of movie trailers. Before the internet, a trailer would come on television a few weeks before the movie was released. Or, we saw move trailers in theaters before seeing a movie. Now there are previews of the trailers, release dates for the trailers, and multiple trailers. Movie trailers have b

Rona Gura
Sunday Dinner
Posted By : Rona Gura

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m watching my husband prepare meat and fish for a bar-b-que. All four of our children are coming for dinner with their significant others.   When the kids were young, Sunday dinner was always a must; whether we were cooking dinner or bringing in food. No matter what the kids had to do, reports, homework etc., it all had

Rona Gura
Rona Calling Rona
Posted By : Rona Gura

  An article in the New York Times on Sunday referenced the movie, “Peggy Sue Got Married.” I loved that movie and have not probably not seen it since it was released in 1986. In the film, Peggy Sue (played by Kathleen Turner) is magically sent back in time from her twenty-fifth high school reunion to high school. The twist in the film is that she

Rona Gura
Its Blockbuster Time
Posted By : Rona Gura

It’s that time of the year again, summer blockbuster time. Don mentioned it last week when he wrote about seeing “Jurassic World.” It’s that time when the huge movies are released. They are meant to totally captivate you and bring you into their world. And for two hours you’re transplanted to somewhere else and your sense of what’s going on in your

Rona Gura
"You know, we always called ourselves good fellas. . ."
Posted By : Rona Gura

It happened again a few nights ago. I was having some trouble sleeping so I began channel surfing. As I came upon one certain movie, I knew my surfing would come to an end. I can never seem to get past it. Whenever it comes up on my television screen, I have to stop and watch it. The movie was “Goodfellas.” I have seen it more times than I ca

Rona Gura
My Oscar Night
Posted By : Rona Gura

If I’m running a bit slow this morning it’s because I stayed up last night to watch the Oscars. And while I love the show itself, it’s really the walking of the red carpet that I love the most. I am not sure why I enjoy watching the celebrities but it is an annual tradition for me. I pour myself a glass of wine, sit in front of our high defin


It's Monday, Monday. Let me know what you think about. . .

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