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To forge a virtually cost-free partnership steeped in the spirit of fraternity (or sorority as the case may be) that goes beyond matters of immediate concern. This spirit is best served by fostering a climate characterized by Gotham's mantra. Said another way we are all non-salaried, non-commissioned sales people for each other! Thus, we seek to create a family/tribal environment stimulating mutual growth: business, social, creative, intellectual, artistic, charitable or otherwise. Our endeavors should enrich each participant through altruistic acts undertaken with a genuine concern for the welfare of our fellow networkers and the world.

We bring together service-oriented professionals in complementary fields to share not only contacts, but also ideas and resources. Learn more

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The police in the United Arab Emirates are now using unusual means to prevent speeding -- signs that look like police cars.     It's actually just a flat sign of a police car that appears from the front to be the side of a real three-dimensional car with its lights flashing at the side of a road.   And apparently it's working as the person who captured the image stated "It was shocking moment for me. I thought it was a real police car so immediately I fastened my belt and lo...
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11 Habits The Best Networkers Have | Forbes
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    It’s important to know and exercise your rights.
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      Gotham Webmaster Mitch Tobol treating Gotham Towers this morning to an excellent primer on our tribe's website and its powerful features.
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      A transplant from the "Left Coast," Constance enjoys nothing more than assisting others in finding their perfect New York home, whether they are moving from across town or across the world. This passion and dedication has earned her a special position within her firm, as well as numerous local and national awards such as one of NRT's top producing brokers (multiple citations including Top One Percent and Top 1,000 Sales Associate), Corcoran's own Multi-Million Dollar Club (multiple years), Top 20 Sales Associate for Corcoran (multiple citations), and office Top Broker award by month. While she enjoys the professional recognition, hearing a heart-felt "I couldn't have done it without you" never grows old. Constance began her professional life at a marketing firm where she eventually earned the ultimate appointment as company president. She utilizes this experience when representing sellers in creating targeted and effective marketing plans for the sales of their homes--and her experience in interior design often helps her sellers' homes look their best for listing. Purchasers appreciate her years of experience in research and negotiation, as well as the enthusiasm she brings to their home search. Constance is an excellent neighborhood tour guide, a resource for the best in new restaurants and other area highlights, and a fountain of knowledge when it comes to architectural detail, history, and the odd but interesting fact. She has lived in a number of Manhattan neighborhoods and now calls Brooklyn Heights home so sellers and buyers alike can benefit from her personal and professional experience in both boroughs. While New York is her favorite place, Constance enjoys traveling, by plane throughout the world and by bicycle throughout the state.
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          President Trump is “WRONG!” about immigrants and refugees.
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            VISION MONDAY 
FEB 22, 2017 Issue Ruth Domber, eyewear fashion expert of 10/10 Optics New York City, believes the deal could have a positive effect on a luxury boutiques like hers. “I am aware of the merger and as an owner of an independent luxury eyewear boutique, this is not bad news for me, in fact it could be good. When Luxottica started to buy up boutique brands, like Oliver Peoples, it created a forest fire of sorts and made room for the growth of the boutique industry, which has flourished. It created a market and made room for creative artisan eyewear to prosper." She said, “My business prospers because patients are looking for beautiful eyewear, which is the antithesis of mass produced collections. The merger doesn’t worry me and I am looking forward to more artisan brands flourishing. People looking for upscale product that is driven by independents drives more product my way. “People like me won’t touch that mass-produced product, and this fosters growth for the luxury eyewear market,” Domber asserted. “The demand and opportunity for independent luxury, artisan eyewear designers is growing. I haven’t seen this amount of growth in 25 years. Of course, other factors are at play for independents who need to stay on top of their game through marketing and education.''
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              Superfoods Are the New Comfort Food
                The Power of Gotham

                Here’s a thundering shout out for Corey Bearak, a true friend and embodiment of the Gotham Credo “it’s better to give than to receive and what goes around comes around.”


                At dinner the other night I asked him for very specific introductions and since then he hasn’t stopped delivering. This is a man who knows the whole world, is eager to share and never stops giving.


                He’s a gem; if you know him you will no doubt agree, and if you don’t you ought to get to know him! Thank you, Corey.

                Bruce Choist

                You can read all of the powerful Gotham stories here.

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                By admin  03.05.2017 08:36 AM
                2016 Season of Giving

                Gotham City Networking Foundation, Inc.

                As a natural outgrowth of the Gotham mission of “It’s better to give than to receive,” the Gotham City Networking Foundation was born. The Foundation was an outgrowth of the altruistic, philanthropic and generally generous nature of the members of Gotham City Networking.

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