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19 days ago 27 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
No doubt, we are experiencing trying and unprecedented times.   We are advised to hunker down and self quarantine to “Flatten The Curve” of the out of control Coronavirus outbreak.  Meanwhile we find empty supermarket shelves as panicked people instinctively hoard.   Gloria Gaynor famously sang “I Will Survive” and we will too.   As I emailed on Fredslist yesterday, one way to do so is to participate in our supportive Tribal Zoom Group meetings or dial in group conference cal...
26 days ago 17 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
One of the most difficult, yet significant, things in life is the ability to say “I’m Sorry”, no matter how belated.   Think about it. Do you owe somebody an apology? I could go on and on as to instances in my life requiring an apology, but for me the most recent situation arose a few weeks ago.   In my February 7th “Favorites” blog I mentioned that Rao’s was my Favorite restaurant, but was subsequently reminded that my southernmost Favorite restaurant is Point 5 where Klein’...
33 days ago 28 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Cats run free and dogs are leashed?     Woman wear skirts and only Scotsmen do?   Men can go topless?   English drive on the Left side of road?   We continue with Day Light Savings time?   We write left to right?   There are Senior Citizen discounts?   Pickles are free?   Water is Blue?   59th Street (Ed Koch) Bridge is free?   Women wear make up?   Astros won 2017 World Series?   Yankees are so injury prone?   Jets are jinxed?   Flowers are different colors?   Orange is the...
40 days ago 30 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Art(ist) BeautyCreativiityDreamEmpathyFamilyGoodnessHappiness Imagination JoanneKindnessLoveMercyNaughty PassionQuirkyRebelStableThankfulUnusualVitalWonderXcellence(Forever)YoungZealous...
47 days ago 26 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
We saw Willie Nelson, an American icon, Monday night on a warm breezy night in an open southern field.  It was truly a vintage Americana experience with people sitting on blankets and lawn chairs along with us surrounded by friends in the cheap seats.  There was sweet marijuana in the air and cold beer in my hand.  It really doesn’t get any better than that.   Willie is a soon to be 87 year old self made Texas original and his two sons Lukas (the more talented)  and Micah are...
54 days ago 20 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Some say that Valentines Day is a Hallmark Card day and, sad to say, to some extent it has been commercialized.   Nonetheless, it can and should be a special day on which to express love, devotion and affection to your special person.   St. Valentines Day is an annual festival celebrating romantic love, friendship and affection. And that’s just what I plan to do with Joanne, my life love and friend with whom I share those feelings!   I hope you all make this a special shari...
61 days ago 50 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
John is my favorite Beatle  Keef is my favorite StoneLive Aid is my favorite memoryYankees are my favorite teamJudge is my favorite YankeeJFK is my favorite POTUSSword fish is my favorite mealSashimi is favored over SushiBiking is my favorite transportation Patron (Silver) is my favorite drinkBlogging is my favorite creative outletCharcoal is my favorite puppyThe Godfather is my favorite movieMarilyn is my favorite Movie StarKey West is my favorite ParadiseJoanne is my favori...
68 days ago 25 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
There are all sorts of friends: Best Friends Old FriendsGood FriendsGreat FriendsFamily FriendsOne Dimensional FriendsFair Weather FriendsFriends With BenefitsPhony FriendsFriendly EnemiesBFFsVacation FriendsBusiness FriendsSupportive FriendsDrinking FriendsSocial FriendsQuaker FriendsJealous FriendsFriends you pay (EB)Passing FriendsFormer FriendsGambling FriendsNeighborhood FriendsFacebook Friends What kind of Friend are you?...
75 days ago 21 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Cameras are everywhere and everyone has a camera! One of the secrets of capturing a great photo (or “snapshot”) is having one’s phone camera at the every ready for that special unexpected, once in a lifetime, photo opportunity.   On the other hand, don’t you dare give into the impulse to cross the line and do something questionable in a special unexpected, once in a lifetime, moment as there are cameras everywhere and Big Brother is watching!...
82 days ago 24 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
On October 3rd 1951 New York Giant baseball player Bobby Thomson hit a Home Run which is called “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World” to win the National League pennant against the Giants bitter rival Brooklyn Dodgers. Giant radio announcer Russ Hodges described The Shot in what is considered one of the best, if not the best, calls in sports history as follows: Listen to it by clicking here Many years later I had the opportunity to sit next to the famous Bobby Thomson (pictured)...
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