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5 days ago 25 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
In Key West there is a practice called the “Local Discount” of 10% for “Locals”.   We somehow qualify and appreciate it.  Usually we are noticed as “Locals” and automatically receive it.  When we are not, I sometimes request it.   A discount is certain amount or percentage deducted from the usual or posted price (a whole blog could be written on what is the actual price) of something.   Discounts are given, for instance, to Senior citizens, active military members, students, ...
12 days ago 29 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
In the sports world, being benched is not a good thing as you are taken off the playing field and assigned to “riding the pine” and hopefully motivated to think “Put me in Coach I’m ready to play!”  However, in real life, a lot can go on while one is sitting on a bench (even, I suppose, in sports).   As pictured, the center of Key West society sits at a bench across from the prime live rock and roll venue Green Parrot Bar on Friday nights at 5:30 for “Sound Check”.  For those...
26 days ago 25 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
When I was young, except for sports stories and related trivia, I was pretty empty headed.  And maybe that was a good thing, as there may now be less useless information clogging  my cranial band width.   Passing on how I got from there and then to here and now (maybe a story for another time), it is indisputable that I presently suffer from an unquenchable thirst for facts, knowledge, gossip and trivia.   I can’t get enough of it! Sometimes this gets me in trouble, as I’m co...
40 days ago 27 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
No wonder Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is our richest billionaire (pre divorce)! One of my quirks is that I save credit card chits and check them against my monthly credit card bills.  We have a Master Card and an American Express card.  While going through this ritual I noticed that each account had a charge for Amazon Prime.    I eventually got around to calling (for me, the only way to do it) Amazon and after much up and back I learned that somehow an “Introductory Offer” of Amaz...
47 days ago 23 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Recently I was going down a one-way street in the wrong direction and a passing driver called me out for it. Without thinking I heard myself say “but I’m left-handed“ and the driver laughed.   As you know I am left-handed and think on the right side of my brain. Whether or not being  left handed is the reason for it, as you may know, I do not stifle my unconventional impulses. Thus, my catchphrase “Up is down and down is up“. I say it often and somebody is listening, because ...
54 days ago 22 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
A 100 years from now very few of us today will still be functioning.  Yet, (hopefully) the World as we know it will continue to thrive, turn and ripen.   Just as 100 years ago few of us were alive.  Yet 1919 society, as it was, thrived and resonates still today.  A great example is the epic Babe Ruth trade that year from the Boston Red Sox to my Yankees.  Babe Ruth is even more famous today than in 1919.  True, in 1919 they did not have the internet or iPhones, but mothers, f...
68 days ago 23 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I have used iPhones since all the way back to my early Blackberry days, but just now hooked up with Siri.   Was I shy or just a Luddite?  No matter, we had no intercourse until my Apple computer Guru Steve Levy recently introduced us.  He asked if I used Siri and I said I did not.  He then patiently explained what I’ve been missing and proceeded to share her tricks: Hey Siri turn on the flashlight. Hey Siri tell me when 30 minutes have passed.  Hey Siri wake me up at 4:15.  (...
75 days ago 27 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
My Top 10 New Year's Resolutions are as follows: 1) Eat less French Fries2) Drink more water3) Wear a hat and sunscreen4) Make a new friend5) Wash my hands more6) Be more tolerant 7) Spend less time on my phone8) Fend off suppression9) Develop new routines10) Dream!...
103 days ago 30 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night with a start and realize that you forgot to do something important? Well, in the early morning hours of last Saturday I had such an experience as I realized that Gotham had forgotten to make plaques for this year’s worthy networkers of the year Laurel Scarr-Konel and Brett Deutsch.What to do? It quickly came to me that Fred Morante, Chairman of our vibrant Queens Group which had the highest percentage of members in attendance at...
139 days ago 39 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I am a loyal disciple of Juice Plus which I use every day and believe bolsters my immune system. If that wasn’t enough there are also little inserts in my delivery which I read and are quite fruitful and interesting. The following caught my eye: New research shows that allowing yourself to be bored is key to creativity. While out for a drive, a walk, or a run, resist the temptation to talk on the phone or listen to a podcast, and see if letting your mind roam free sparks new ...
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