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15 days ago 25 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
One the easiest, yet most positive things a person can do is just say Thank You!Not “no problem”,  just a heart felt expression of appreciation and gratitude. Say it.  It rolls off your tongue easily: Thank You!I recently was the beneficiary of 2 such expressions of gratitude and they felt SO good.  I did not expect them and they really were not necessary, but they felt SO good!“You’re welcome“ just doesn’t measure up as a response.  Does one say Thank You for your Thank you?...
22 days ago 28 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It seems that this is the season for the expression of very strong opinions about everything that swirls around us.   A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about Typhoid Mary because she was asymptomatic and compared her to those today who are asymptomatic for Covid19 and used this as a set up to implore folks to wear masks.   I was taken aback by the vigorous opposition comments to my blog. I realized far too late that I had stumbled into a symbolic political mine field.  One of ou...
43 days ago 27 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Her name was Mary Mallon and she was a rich man’s cook in the early 20th century.   Trouble was that she was an asymptomatic carrier of Typhoid Fever. She denied being “sick” all her life, but she was caught up in the conflict between public health and individual rights. She ended up living out her life in isolation.   Some of us may be asymptomatic carriers of Covid19 who refuse to wear a mask and take other precautions in public.   Don’t be a Typhoid Mary, sublimate your in...
50 days ago 45 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
While walking Charcoal the other day I came upon the pictured sign. As soon as I spied it my blogger juices began to flow and I quickly captured the pictured image. What a stark, yet elegant statement! Kindness is defined as follows: In these unprecedented difficult days we should all aspire to be kind or more kind as the case may be.  As we can see, it is a shared strength.   I think it meshes well with our “It’s better to give than receive...” mantra! Please join me!...
57 days ago 37 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It’s 7 years now that Charcoal (our 14 pound hypo allergenic Schnoodle) has resided with us and abided by our wonderful unspoken Bargain.  In return for 2 feedings a day, walks whenever she gives me “the look”, post walk treats, bimonthly groomings and water in her dish she serves as our undocumented Therapy Dog with lavish lap time, watch dog duty, animated tail wagging, clean my plate/dish washing, bed time cuddling and far far more.   I consider myself a good negotiator, b...
64 days ago 26 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Last year at this time I was watching Aaron Judge and my Yankees every night and getting ready for my softball season with my son and grandson.    This year I am watching Ozark, Bosch and Outlander after a hard day of Zooming and mask and glove wearing.   Next year? I want my Life back!...
71 days ago 31 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Back in the day there was a character (pictured) in the Little Abner comic strip who walked around with a perpetual black cloud hanging over his head. His name was Joe Btfsplk.  In sum, he was bad luck and brought it on to others.   I encountered Joe at a young and impressionable age and have carried his dark image through out my life.   To say the least, I did not want to emulate or personify Joe.  Thus, I always found a way to see a bright side or rationalize a result.   In...
78 days ago 40 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
1) Our Freedom 2) Our Health3) Our Future4) Our Healthcare providers5) Our interactions6) Our Outlook7) Our leaders8) Our jobs9) Our Families10) Our investments11) Our conveniences12) and?...
85 days ago 34 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
People will rush out into the streets with joy and embrace each other!  We will have new appreciations of life and humanity! Many many more will continue to work from home! We will have heightened appreciation of public servants, especially those in healthcare! Leadership will have greater importance! The handshake will become an historical anomaly! We will understand that love, good friends and Family saw us through! Shelter in place babies will come into the World! The sun ...
106 days ago 27 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
No doubt, we are experiencing trying and unprecedented times.   We are advised to hunker down and self quarantine to “Flatten The Curve” of the out of control Coronavirus outbreak.  Meanwhile we find empty supermarket shelves as panicked people instinctively hoard.   Gloria Gaynor famously sang “I Will Survive” and we will too.   As I emailed on Fredslist yesterday, one way to do so is to participate in our supportive Tribal Zoom Group meetings or dial in group conference cal...
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