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59 days ago 19 comments Categories: Games Tags:
Gotham held it’s annual Bob Formica Golf Outing this past Monday and I must say that besides the beautiful verdant rain enriched course the golf cart, not the golf, was the best part. Every year Paul Napolitano and spouse Victoria Drogin are in my foursome (we missed Hard Hitting Don Bernstein this year) and, lucky me, I'm paired with Victoria in a golf cart.  Better still, she drives!Over the years she and I have experienced numerous golf cart adventures.  Some we can report...
80 days ago 28 comments Categories: Games Tags:
One of the very very special things in my Afterlife is the weekend ritual of having batting practice with my 51 year old son David and his 20 year old son Jackson, my Batman teammates (pictured), at the local school yard. We bring a box of balls, take turns as one hits, one pitches and one shags. There are muscle memories and eternal memories being sown and words can not describe the feelings that well up in me as we do our thing! Wait there’s more, grandpa then drives to the...
94 days ago 31 comments Categories: Games Tags:
Every year we go to a Yankee/Met game and we still have a limited number of tickets available for the above  game at the Mets Citi Field. Before I go on, a continuing expression of appreciation is sent out to Corey Bearak for making all the ticketing and seating arrangements for our Tribe!I am a life long Yankee fan, but in all the prosperous years (27 World Series Titles) I have never experienced a year like this!At this writing, my Yankees are in First Place despite injurie...
304 days ago 18 comments Categories: Games Tags:
One of Gotham’s many theme base list serves is Sportstalk (inspired by Ben Geizhals before a long ago Giants Super Bowl).  The concept is for sports fans to discuss sports without clogging up Fredslist.  You need not be a Gotham member and just need to ask us to put you on the list and then email to to join the conversation. Sports are one of my great interests, both participating (the Batmen softball team won its second consecutive Championshi...
346 days ago 21 comments Categories: Games Tags:
I just said something exuberant to my wife Joanne and her response was “Sure, dream on, Fred”.  My response to her was “That’s a subject for a blog.”And here we go:  “Dream on” is the perfect subject for a blog, less than one week after the fourth annual Gotham Picnic softball game which was covered last Sunday by Sunday blogger and my first baseman Corey Bearak.So many unusual things happened in that game that one could call it a “dream game”. There was so much self congratu...
360 days ago 25 comments Categories: Games Tags:
Are you superstitious? I know I am!Superstition is defined as a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a peculiar thing, occurrence, proceeding or the like – irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious. Another definition is a widely held unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such belief. There are so many things that I do and don’t do ba...
367 days ago 22 comments Categories: Games Tags:
I live on Long Island and commute to work in Manhattan by car.  I drive to the East River on the Long Island City side where I park and take the subway 2 stops into the city. The distance is 19 miles and when I was young and training for the marathon, Ben Geizhals and I (see photo) would run the 19 miles into the city once a week.  It was quite a trip! The fastest I ever commuted door to door was 42 minutes and that was achieved in late Summer when school was out and folks we...
374 days ago 26 comments Categories: Games Tags:
Do you know what I mean?  Did it ever happen to you?  Did something suddenly come out of nowhere unexpectedly and happen so fast? It happened to me last week.  I was driving along the Grand Central Parkway, in lane and observing the speed limit, when two cars came upon me weaving through the traffic as if in a careless contest or race.  You’ve seen them and have to marvel at their elan and daring. And then it happened, a third car in front of me changed lanes suddenly without...
416 days ago 23 comments Categories: Games Tags:
I live on Long Island and drive to work in Manhattan. Actually, I drive 19 miles from my home to the Queens side of the East River and take the subway two stops to my office in Manhattan.I take various driving routes without using Waze and bide my time by making Bluetooth telephone calls and listening to books on CDs. Once school is out traffic lightens and I think of breaking my 42 minute door-to-door record.  A key factor in a record-breaking effort is a good subway connect...
437 days ago 27 comments Categories: Games Tags:
Last week I finally got to play with my son David and my grandson Jackson, all together in a row, on the Gotham Batmen softball team (see photo). It's been a long long time coming and I can truly say that it was one of the greatest moments of my life!Can you imagine that Jackson hit a long homerun which I caught on video tape, David got the game ending hit and I was the winning pitcher allowing only two (unearned) runs, no walks with a number of strikeouts. It was a dream com...
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