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172 days ago 20 comments Categories: Books Tags:
We vacationed last week at the shore and I found it the perfect opportunity to read “Two Women In The Trunk” a “Sergeant Markie Mystery” written and self published by Tony Celano. Tony Celano?  Yes our Tony Celano, long time Gotham member and former Chair of our legendary Bandit Group. To my knowledge, "Trunk" is Tony’s initial writing effort and it draws heavily on his many years of service in the New York City Police Force as a Detective Squad Commander and assignment to th...
256 days ago 24 comments Categories: Books Tags:
I belong to an all male book group.  It is headed by my muse, Jay Gould.   Inasmuch as it was originated by a bunch of Sea Cliff and neighboring guys I have dubbed it the North of 25A Book Group.  It is a highly eclectic group and it’s amazing how far afield we can wander when we get together periodically to discuss the chosen book.  I wonder if the experience is similar in Female Book Groups?Let’s just agree that what’s said at Book Group stays at Book Group!  Right Skip?Any...
648 days ago 26 comments Categories: Books Tags:
One of the pleasures (rights) of being a grandparent is indulging (spoiling) the grandkids. Just such an occasion occurred this past Sunday when we accompanied my son Alex and his son Shawn to the Grasshoppers Comics store in East Williston. We arrived when it opened at noon and had the luxury of being the first and only customers. Our son Alex has been a comic book aficionado since his boyhood and it was an unexpected pleasure to hear him engage the owner saying "I have a l...
1138 days ago 28 comments Categories: Books Tags:
Jefferson Crowther is the father of American Hero, Welles Remy Crowther, the legendary 24 year old "Man in the Red Bandanna", and the son of Bosley Crowther, renowned film critic for the New York Times from 1940 until 1967. That's a lot of greatness to be sandwiched between, and yet, in his way, Jefferson is the greatest Crowther of all.  I say that because I know Jefferson up close and personal: to know Jefferson is to be with an extraordinary sensitive, cultured, mannered, ...
1222 days ago 16 comments Categories: Books Tags:
I belong to 2 Book Clubs, yet I do not read.  Rather, I  commute to the city by car and listen to books on CD.  It is a very nourishing way to pass the time. I belong to an all male book group which is presently reading James Kaplan's great biography:  Sinatra: The Chairman. I also belong to the Gotham Book Club.  The Gotham Book Club is the brain child of my daughter in law Julie Klein and Co Chaired with her by John Buscarello.  On Wednesday the Gotham Book Club met at the ...
1523 days ago 11 comments Categories: Books Tags:
My favorite type of reading (or listening to CDs, as the case may be) is a good biography about the life of an interesting person. Recently I finished those of Whitey Bulger and Oprah and I'm now reading about my former Syracuse classmate Lou Reed.  Favorites have been about the lives of Truman, Lincoln (Team of Rivals), TR, FDR, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Stalin, Putin, Einstein, Cynthia Lennon, Cleopatra, Sinatra, Clinton (I could not finish it),Rod Stewart, Keith, Pope P...
1908 days ago 14 comments Categories: Books Tags:
When I was a boy my only area of reading interest was sports books and the Encyclopedia of Baseball ( for memorization). Only with the advent of audio books did I slowly catch up on fine literature.  When my boys were growing up I indoctrinated them pretty well as to sports, bought them Baseball cards and coached them. Now I have 2 grandsons and the youngest, 8, has become consumed with Baseball in his first year of Little League. He lives nearby and whenever he visits he is ...
2006 days ago 13 comments Categories: Books Tags:

Last week Thomas Berger, most famous for his novel  "Little Big Man", died at the age of 89.  While reading his obituary I was intrigued by another oh his books entitled "Changing The Past" (1989) In which a man gets to go back in time to the forks in his road and take the other path.

Wow, what a concept!

What would you do? I must admit that I am at wits end to think of anything I would've done differently.

2167 days ago 8 comments Categories: Books Tags:
The Gotham Book Club, founded by Julie Klein and Co-Chaired with her by John Buscarello, next meets (on line) on February 26th at 1:00 pm. For those of you who are not familiar with our Book Club, Julie manages to find world-class authors who are willing to discuss their books with us in real time on the Gotham website. Past Book Club discussions can be found on the website under Books at the top of the home page.   The upcoming selection is entitled "The Manor: Three Cent...
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