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420 days ago 27 comments Categories: Politics Tags:

And then there’s Truth!

511 days ago 34 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
I admit that I go on Facebook, Twitter, and the Gotham Politics listserve in an effort to stir things up and engender intelligent discourse on topics of the day. However, in my opinion, I have failed as more and more, as the days go by, some of the responses are too much, characterized by extreme self serving smug certitude. Some have told me they no longer participate because they feel they’re being bullied and subject to abuse. Which ever side you’re on and whatever your op...
679 days ago 18 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
President Clinton authorized the appointment of a special prosecutor in early 1994 concerning the Whitewater matter and in August 1994, the original special prosecutor was replaced by Kenneth Starr. In the fall of 1997, three years after the investigation started, Special Prosecutor Starr made an impeachment referral to Congress concerning the Monica Lewinsky affair, not Whitewater, and issued his final report in September 1998. The wheels of special prosecutions (justice) tu...
734 days ago 33 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that all of the shooters in the recent spate of our country's massacres are male.    I have followed the commentary closely and not one person has made this distinction to my mind. If anyone can explain it I would welcome it. Said another way, why don't females engage in such carnage? On this subject and on all the other issues of the day I continue to say the women must lead!...
798 days ago 19 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
In these politically charged, truth is stranger than fiction, Twilight Zone, days I find myself hoping, writing and saying there will be a Day of Reckoning. The definition of "day of reckoning" is the time when past mistakes or misdeeds must be punished or paid for, a testing time when the degree of one's success or failure will be revealed. Synonyms are judgment day, day of retribution or doomsday. To my mind that day is approaching in our country.  How soon and how directed...
833 days ago 25 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
In these high stakes, politically charged, days of social media exposure I attempt to stir it up on Facebook and Twitter.  What amazes me is the degree of responsive heated, opinionated exchange generated on my feed. I try not to be too obvious in my leanings, but anyone with half a brain can discern my bent.  To say the least, I motivate and encourage differences of opinion. Even more amazing to me is the vehemence and single minded self assurance of opposing views.  It is l...
959 days ago 28 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
Do you remember Rod Serling?  He was the creator of the amazing off the wall, but sometimes true to life, "Twilight Zone". Twilight Zone was a strange mix of horror, science fiction, drama, comedy and superstition with many black and white episodes concluding with a surprise ending. Well, many years have passed since Serling introduced an episode and yet I feel we have reentered the Twilight Zone.  Back in the Day there was no Tweeting.  There were carrier Pigeons and then We...
1043 days ago 28 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
So much is going on in his first 100 days and there is so much polarization in our country.  It truly is enough to make One's head spin.  No matter your political leaning or how you feel about the style and manner of POTUS, we are still one country.  We need to settle down, find common ground and perpetuate our unique democracy, i.e.: "indivisable, with liberty and justice for all"!How this can or will happen I can not really say, but in my lifetime we have always found a way...
1204 days ago 26 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
Only 4 more days until Election Day!Thank goodness.  I don't know about you, but I just can't wait for it to be over and done with.  In all deference to our hallowed democratic election process, it has been a most harrowing and dreadful experience for me.  What about you?Simply put, the election process is WAY TOO LONG!  I ran marathons in my prime, but I don't think I could endure the endless campaign grind and travel.  Give Trump credit, he's shown up all over the country a...
1253 days ago 10 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
Rashomon was an iconic 1950 Japanese movie wherein a number of eye witnesses to a horrendous event each had a different version as to what happened. The Rashomon effect is contradictory interpretations of the same event by different people.  It is said that the effect is not only based on differences in perspective, but occurs where such differences arise in combination with the absence of evidence to elevate or disqualify any version of the truth, plus social pressure for cl...
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