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5 days ago 22 comments Categories: Health Tags:
We are all subject to self doubt, momentary or otherwise. Unfortunately, it is a common human condition. Some let it bring them down needlessly. While others learn to cope with, work through or around it. One of the benefits of life experience is that we learn, through trial and error, that, 9 times out of 10, feelings of self doubt, anxiety or fear, fall short in reality.  In fact, we usually end up just fine. Think positively, search for lifelines and Silver Linings.  Look ...
27 days ago 23 comments Categories: Health Tags:
As a follow up to my recent Recurring Dreams blog, last week I had a brand new dream.I was running hard in a road race and I was on pace for a good time when I turned a corner and saw a long train (pictured) approaching an intersection at breakneck speed. This is where my dream memory did not serve me.  I can’t remember what happened next,ie, did I stop, did I squeak by or...Has anyone ever had this dream and if so what happened and what does it mean?...
54 days ago 28 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I believe it is more than the survival instinct or rationalization that causes me to seek out and see silver linings in this depressing time of horrible pandemic. Do you see any silver linings?I see many.  Some are small steps, some should have happened before and some are seismic shifts, but all are moves in a positive direction. One obvious and vivid to me is that many (but not all) people have stopped dying their hair and are letting it grow out in all its beautiful glory!...
69 days ago 30 comments Categories: Health Tags:
One of my many problems is that I always remember my dreams. Remember The Paper Chase movie wherein Professor Kingsfield (pictured) terrorized first year law students?Well, my nightmare is my own terrorized Paper Chase embellishment:  I’m a first year law student and I’m always unprepared and Professor Kingsfield is always calling on me. Then before I can be at a terrorized loss for words or make a fool of myself I wake up shaking in a cold sweat. Sound familiar?  What’s your...
139 days ago 21 comments Categories: Health Tags:
In these weird, stressful, sometimes sureal, uncharted Covid 19 days Joanne and I find ourselves constantly saying two things to each other: Janis Joplin’s “Its all the same day, man!” and Kenny Rogers’ “What condition is your condition in?” Have a nice day and mind your condition!...
146 days ago 35 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I rarely, if ever repeat a blog, but I am compelled to do so because, although posted 6 weeks ago, it is even more relevant and poignant today.   The blog was entitled Typhoid Mary and went as follows:   "Her name was Mary Mallon and she was a rich man's cook in the early 20th century.   Trouble was that she was an asymptomatic carrier of Typhoid Fever.   She denied being "sick" all her life, but she was caught up in the conflict between public health and individual r...
173 days ago 41 comments Categories: Health Tags:
FDR famously said in his 1933 inaugural address: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. To me his meaning was that no matter how dire the situation may appear fear can only make things worse.     With all that is swirling around us in these scary times, 2020 will surely rank amongst the worst years of the 21st century.  I fear, you fear, we all fear.  To some fear is a harbinger of catastrophe.  For others it is a safety valve that protects us.   I am wary of the...
180 days ago 24 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Some day we will look back upon these unprecedented times and the beginnings of new norms and habits.   Such a long view is not necessarily for me, but one thing has emerged for me.  I have converted my 2 hour commuting time productively.  Yes I Zoom (not my favorite pastime), but, best of all, I have started to nap.  As soon as 11:30 rolls around, I lay my burden down (thank you Chuck) and with Charcoal snuggled by my side I quickly and irresistibly start to Zzzz and enter t...
243 days ago 21 comments Categories: Health Tags:
We are all in this together and thank you to "Bill Gates" for helping us to find meaning in it.  Please see his thoughts below and ponder:   *What is the Corona/ Covid-19 Virus Really Teaching us?*   I’m a strong believer that there is a spiritual purpose behind everything that happens, whether that is what we perceive as being good or being bad.   As I meditate upon this, I want to share with you what I feel the Corona/ Covid-19 virus is really doing to us: 1) It is...
383 days ago 34 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Last weekend we went for lunch in Huntington and when the check came the server explain that the Internet was down and asked me to write my phone number and credit card info on the check. I did so and in all the unusual hurly-burly I forgot to take back my credit card. This is one of the most annoying things I do. It is a failure of concentration which plagues me about once a year.  I hate it!On the way home we stopped in nearby Cold Spring Harbor for fancy coffee and a delis...
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