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14 days ago 20 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I go to the gym twice a week and in doing so I have observed a number of those you might call gym rats. A gym rat is someone who spends much leisure time working out in the gymnasium. While at the gym I concentrate on my work out and try to stay away from the gym rats who are always there.  I can’t help noticing them and that they seem to have a fellowship. They usually leave me alone, almost as if we have made a silent deal to ignore each other. Last week I was sitting after...
406 days ago 20 comments Categories: Health Tags:
A nurse is defined as a person trained to care for the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital and although they have always been important, albeit underappreciated, they are becoming recognized as more and more important as our population ages and healthcare system totters. The following was written by my good friend (Tow Pro) Chuck Schmidt in recognition of the above: There is a person who is very important to us as we proceed down life's highway. The first person to ...
546 days ago 25 comments Categories: Health Tags:
When I was young I did not drink coffee.  I started mid life when I heard that elite runners and other athletes would load up on cups of coffee pre event or game to garner the supposed benefit of the interaction of caffeine upon glycogen.  I truly believe it is a legal performance enhancer and continue such use to this day.  Along the way I developed the enjoyable habit of nursing and sipping my sole cup of coffee through the day.  I get a little taste kick when I roll it on ...
553 days ago 20 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Could it be that in the case of climate change our twittering President may be right?  I don't know, but based on our recent unseasonable weather he just may be on to something.  Do the melting glaciers cool the air?  I don't know, but I do know the air is unseasonably cool. They say that Memorial Day marks the unofficial first day of Summer, but no.  We are experiencing the longest "April" I've ever experienced in my many years. The official first day of Summer is June 21st....
588 days ago 13 comments Categories: Health Tags:
At my apogee, I was a tall 5'9 3/4" and could even leap to touch the basketball rim.  Well, I just took my annual physical and, presently, I just managed to stand 5'7" small.    Clearly, I'm shrinking and I have learned the shrinkage has something to do with my posture, gravitational pull on my spinal discs and the deterioration of the intervening padding. In an effort to stem the shrink, I try to pull my shoulders back to stand erect and have taken to stretching out by hangi...
798 days ago 7 comments Categories: Health Tags:

Here's hoping that Hurricane Matthew peters out. Here's hoping that the East coast is spared and that damage and injury is minimized.


Right now we don't know the full impact and then there's the possibility that it will curl around and return to hit Florida again.


Mother Nature is all powerful. Here's hoping she is merciful!

903 days ago 14 comments Categories: Health Tags:
My full given name is Fred C. Klein and the C. might as well stand for Chip as I am so addicted to them that I well might be made of them. Then, last week I sat next to my fellow Friar and New York Health and Aging GC Gideon Schein and right away I noticed his appreciable weight loss and, of course, always looking for a dieting SECRET, I asked him what did the trick and he said it was a low salt diet.  Hmm...When I was young I ate a lot of red meat sprinkled liberally with sa...
917 days ago 12 comments Categories: Health Tags:

We were recently winding down our Memorial Day Weekend vacation and starting to experience that all too familiar gnawing feeling of return to the real world anxieties and problems. 

Just then I spied the words "Harkuna Matata" written under a wooden bridge covering a pool lap lane. 

I looked up the meaning of those words and what a perfectly timed antidote to our gnawing feelings: "No Worries"!

Harkuna Matata!

924 days ago 9 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I was taught that little things mean a lot and I respect that verity.  I know someone who has 2 friends with whom he makes a point to check in (text) with on a regular basis.  One is a high school classmate who is progressing nicely following an "episode" and another is a club friend who is recovering well from abdominal surgery.  He feels he is helping their progress in his small way and, truth be told, he tells me it gratifies him greatly in a very real way. ...
1092 days ago 10 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I'm a dreamer (morning, noon and night) and I remember many of my in sleep dreams.  Most, if not all, are not good. For example, last month I propelled myself out of bed to escape a particularly gruesome situation and landed on my head.  I will never forget that dream no matter what my brain damage may have been. Many of my dreams are recurrent like not being prepared and being called on in Law School or failing a big test.  Usually I'm happy to wake up and reassure myself th...
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