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1 day ago 23 comments Categories: Health Tags:
If you have been vaccinated, I believe you are on the right track. What’s more, once vaccinated you receive a proof of vaccination card and it’s a keeper, as you may need it for various purposes. As such, you need to maintain it in decipherable condition and what better way than lamination. I pondered where can I get my vaccination card laminated and Staples popped to mind. So I called them to inquire and they said yes and what’s more “It’s free”! A (for sure) brilliant ...
99 days ago 24 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Joanne and I are above the 65 year old threshold to qualify for an appointment to get The Shot.   We are on an appointment list and I’ve been on a vaccination appointment website twice too early in the morning to get on another list and I just called a special number to get on still another list.  I even complained to the Mayor! So, despite our better level headed instincts, we have been sucked into the vortex of the Vaccine Mania which is abroad in the land.  If you have ant...
120 days ago 22 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Did you ever notice a circular scar on someone’s arm or leg?  When I was young such scars were visible and common due to the mid 20th century need for smallpox vaccinations. To my knowledge such scars are not caused by a coronavirus vaccination.  I am one of the people who seeks to be vaccinated. I just got on a vaccination list and can’t wait for my turn to come up.   Even if my vaccination causes a small scar it is a very small price to pay on the road to herd immunity!   ...
148 days ago 22 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Sometimes I remember my nocturnal dreams and the other night I remembered a sweet dream. It was about my dearly departed college roommate. I was somewhere with someone and he entered the room and I was SO happy to see him! Such good feelings welled up inside me! I told him I thought he was dead and before he could answer the dream ended.  I can only hope that some night he will return to continue our happy reunion. In these challenging times such an apparition was most welcom...
169 days ago 23 comments Categories: Health Tags:
We are all subject to self doubt, momentary or otherwise. Unfortunately, it is a common human condition. Some let it bring them down needlessly. While others learn to cope with, work through or around it. One of the benefits of life experience is that we learn, through trial and error, that, 9 times out of 10, feelings of self doubt, anxiety or fear, fall short in reality.  In fact, we usually end up just fine. Think positively, search for lifelines and Silver Linings.  Look ...
190 days ago 23 comments Categories: Health Tags:
As a follow up to my recent Recurring Dreams blog, last week I had a brand new dream.I was running hard in a road race and I was on pace for a good time when I turned a corner and saw a long train (pictured) approaching an intersection at breakneck speed. This is where my dream memory did not serve me.  I can’t remember what happened next,ie, did I stop, did I squeak by or...Has anyone ever had this dream and if so what happened and what does it mean?...
218 days ago 28 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I believe it is more than the survival instinct or rationalization that causes me to seek out and see silver linings in this depressing time of horrible pandemic. Do you see any silver linings?I see many.  Some are small steps, some should have happened before and some are seismic shifts, but all are moves in a positive direction. One obvious and vivid to me is that many (but not all) people have stopped dying their hair and are letting it grow out in all its beautiful glory!...
232 days ago 30 comments Categories: Health Tags:
One of my many problems is that I always remember my dreams. Remember The Paper Chase movie wherein Professor Kingsfield (pictured) terrorized first year law students?Well, my nightmare is my own terrorized Paper Chase embellishment:  I’m a first year law student and I’m always unprepared and Professor Kingsfield is always calling on me. Then before I can be at a terrorized loss for words or make a fool of myself I wake up shaking in a cold sweat. Sound familiar?  What’s your...
302 days ago 21 comments Categories: Health Tags:
In these weird, stressful, sometimes sureal, uncharted Covid 19 days Joanne and I find ourselves constantly saying two things to each other: Janis Joplin’s “Its all the same day, man!” and Kenny Rogers’ “What condition is your condition in?” Have a nice day and mind your condition!...
309 days ago 35 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I rarely, if ever repeat a blog, but I am compelled to do so because, although posted 6 weeks ago, it is even more relevant and poignant today.   The blog was entitled Typhoid Mary and went as follows:   "Her name was Mary Mallon and she was a rich man's cook in the early 20th century.   Trouble was that she was an asymptomatic carrier of Typhoid Fever.   She denied being "sick" all her life, but she was caught up in the conflict between public health and individual r...
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