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605 days ago 28 comments Categories: Movies Tags:
On the second day of our 1985 Summer vacation we were sitting at breakfast in Hampstead when I overheard 3 Birmingham lads sitting at the next table talking about extra tickets and I cast my line and came away with 2 (face value) tickets to that day’s Live Aid Concert. In retrospect, it was our destiny.  I knew there would be a concert, but had made no plans to attend. Our presence was coincidental. Soon we were off on a hot and sunny day to Wembley Stadium where we arrived a...
864 days ago 16 comments Categories: Movies Tags:
We saw "Black Panther" last week in 3-D and to be honest I think it would've been a better choice to see it in 2-D.   Passing on the quality of the movie which is breaking box office records, the experience was not a pleasant one. The picture was dark and blurry through the glasses and at times when there was no action I took off the glasses and was better able to see the actors.  Yes, when there was action and there was plenty of it, it was somewhat awesome, however, on bala...
878 days ago 24 comments Categories: Movies Tags:
It was with nostalgic sadness that I learned that the venerable pre war Port Washington movie theater closed.  Of course, with the advent of Netflix and their competitors it should not be surprising. Sad still, nonetheless.  The Academy Awards will be announced on March 4th and in preparation therefor we try to see as many of the nominated films as possible (in the remaining theaters).   To date, we have seen The Post, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and The Shape o...
913 days ago 28 comments Categories: Movies Tags:
Recently Joanne and I stayed in on consecutive Saturday nights and watched Godfather I and II.  Our (unanimous) impression was that the original was better, if not far better, than II. It is so rich in color, music, composition, content, acting, writing and lessons.  And it is so eternally quotable. Topical today is second son Fredo's protestations that "I'm smart and I want respect." My favorite is Hyman Roth's "We're bigger than US Steel".  I can just hear Meyer Lansky sayi...
1152 days ago 22 comments Categories: Movies Tags:
Do you remember the 1987 movie of John Updike's above entitled novel?A brief summary: Jack Nicholson is cast as the male lead with dynamic costars Cher, Michele Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon cast as unknowing witches living together in a coven into which Jack wanders. I just love the send up and can't help casting myself and my three female partners Joan Rothermel, Jane Jacobs and Nancy Schess into this scenario.  After all, I am most fortunate to be situated as the only male p...
1817 days ago 11 comments Categories: Movies Tags:
Did you know that Truman Capote Summered next door to the small town Alabama home of (Nell) Harper Lee?Did you know that Harper Lee served as Capote's research assistant while he was writing In Cold Blood?Did you know that there has always been an unsubstantiated rumor and suspicion that Capote wrote or rewrote To Kill a Mockingbird?All these questions gain fresh life with the publication last week of Lee's second book (actually Mockingbird first draft) Go Set A Watchman wher...
1921 days ago 19 comments Categories: Movies Tags:

Do you remember the classic 1939 Judy Garland movie where they were off to see the Wizard on the yellow brick road and when they eventually found him he was a very ordinary little old man behind the screen? 

Very disappointing to say the least.

Are you a Wizard of Oz?

2272 days ago 7 comments Categories: Movies Tags:
To: Todd SchultzDated: 4/25/14FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.Following is an update on our specific efforts to reseed the Worldwide Hitler Youth. As you well know, The Fathers of the Fourth Reich were Dr. Josef Mengle, Adolf Eichman, Franz Stangl and Claus Barbie who pioneered our movement in Argentina with the help of Juan Peron in late 1946 through 1950.Eventually over 10,000 former members of our German military made it safely to South America through ODESSA escape routes. With the in...
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