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05.19.2023 (18 days ago)

Car Trouble

Car Trouble
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Last week we were entering a local nursery when my car was rear ended by an old beat up pickup truck.  

Pow!  It happened so fast!

The air bags did not deploy and my neck snapped back and Joanne felt her spine readjust.  

After exchanging info and gathering ourselves, I called our doctor who recommended we go to the Emergency Room to be checked out and we did so.  

When I got to the hospital I couldn't find a parking spot and, considering it was an emergency, parked on the fringe of the Ambulance spots. I left a note on my dash board that we were in the Emergency Room. 

Once admitted for tests, I told the nurses about my precarious parking and they assured me that they would receive notice pre towing.  

We spent the next hours being checked out, including cat scans, and were informed that our necks, backs and brains were fine.  

At some point two well dressed men, who I assumed were doctors, approached us wearing silly smiles and, rather than confirm our physical condition, who proceeded to inform us that my car had been towed. The absolute last thing we wanted to hear at that juncture of a difficult day :(

In the end, all's well that ends well: we weren't injured and the car was eventually returned.  

But, when all is said and done, it was a troubling day for the car (crashed and towed), but not for us :)


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See, Fred? You should have let Norman drive you!

Posted By : Bruce Swicker