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Our Guy

Our Guy
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On Saturday night we were thrilled to witness our, surprisingly clean shaven (pictured), friend Guy deBoer pass through the first Golden Globe Race (GGR) check point in the Canary Islands on Facebook live.

He was in 5th place out of 16 contestants. 

To be honest, having lived Guy’s dream with him for over 3 years, it was thrilling.  Just thrilling!

I went to sleep a happy man.  Only to be crestfallen early Sunday morning when I received the news that Guy’s boat Spirit was on the rocks and sleep deprived Guy had been rescued and was safe.  

Presently, all of Guy’s energy is devoted to salvaging Spirit, which he believes is the fastest boat, off the rocks and his future plans are dependent on that venture.  

Who knows, maybe it will all work out and he can continue his GGR dream in 2026!!!

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