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3 days ago 14 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
What follows are some funny tweets I found...enjoy!   "I just spent 20 minutes at the store choosing the best food with only organic ingredients for my dog, then took my kids to Burger King."   "Steps to survive on a dessert island: 1. check spelling 2. if correct, enjoy"   "Carrots are a great thing to eat when you are hungry and want to stay that way"     "Welcome to the DMV waiting room, if you don’t have a cough, one will be issued to you"     "Interviewer: what are your ...
10 days ago 29 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
IKEA is certainly pushing the envelope with a new ad just released in Sweden. The ad encourages pregnant women to urinate on it. The ad, which is running in one of Sweden's most widely-read women's magazines - states: "Peeing on this ad may change your life."     It adds: "Pee on the marked area and wait a moment. If you are expecting, you will get a surprise right here."   If a pregnant woman's urine is detected on the patch of the page where women are encouraged to wee, ...
17 days ago 24 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It's the order of the day. We live in a totally networked world where anyone and anything is connected. It would seem all of our traditional hierarchical structures are in crisis or decline. That includes states, churches, parties and corporations.   Money is being challenged by cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin). Party establishments are being replaced by viral messaging. Cyberspace has changed into a realm of "ideologial polarization, extreme views and fake news."   Evan Williams, ...
24 days ago 13 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Everything seems to be in a constant state of flux. New reports on someone sexually harrassing someone else. It is disturbing, shocking and infuriating all at same time.   It's hard to feel steady when new revelations come out, on what seems like an hourly basis. Now I just shake my head and wonder who's next.   We have a huge new tax bill, which very few people seem to know anything about. Oh bits and pieces have been released but I don't think we'll understand the full exte...
31 days ago 17 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
While tooling around the intenet for something positive, I ran across this list from Joshua Becker. In his blog, he writes "...the quickest way to find happiness is to help someone find theirs." I couldn't agree more.   1. Handwrite a letter. 2. FaceTime/Skype an old friend. 3. Buy coffee for a stranger. 4. Smile and joke with your next cashier. 5. Leave a nice tip. 6. Buy movie tickets for a family in your neighborhood. 7. Ask your religious friend about the story behind the...
38 days ago 21 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
After shopping at one of the suburban malls last night, I stepped out into the snowy slippery parking lot. Although I was in the mall a half hour at most, I needed to brush of the snow and scrape the ice off my car. A beautiful cold wintry night to be sure.   As my car rumbled to life I was grateful for the seat heater and heated steering wheel. Two great inventions everyone needs to experience at least once.   While following the exit signs, I noticed a wide expanse of the p...
45 days ago 7 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Ahhh the first snowflake...finally winter has arrived. I thought I might share some fun and reflective quotes about snow. Enjoy your weekend :-)       "A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship." Markus Zusak   "When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels." Unkown   "Kindness is like snow—It beautifies everything it covers." Kahlil Gibran   "Silently, like thoughts that come and go, the snowflakes fall, each one a gem."...
52 days ago 16 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Does her name ring a bell? Maybe you'll recongnize the picture.   The picture, snapped by a White House photographer traveling with the president as he left his golf course in Sterling, Va., went viral almost immediately. News outlets picked up the story when it appeared in a White House pool report. Social media began hailing the unidentified woman as a “she-ro,” using the hashtag #Her2020.     Yes...her name is Juli Briskman. Her employer, government contractor Akima LL...
59 days ago 14 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I thought I would share the unvarnished truth about "Black Friday."   The first recorded use of the term Black Friday was applied not to holiday shopping but to financial crisis: specifically, the crash of the U.S. gold market on September 24, 1869. Two notoriously ruthless Wall Street financiers, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, worked together to buy up as much as they could of the nation’s gold, hoping to drive the price sky-high and sell it for astonishing profits. On that Friday ...
66 days ago 14 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I'm favorite holiday is just about here. No presents exchanged, no religion, no politics (maybe:) and of course great food.   I'm particularly looking forward to frying a turkey and barbequing a couple of ducks. Both require a bit of finesse and thought. The ducks in particular have quite a bit of fat and the drippings can easily spark a flame. In fact, that happened a few years ago. I was tending the turkey in the fryer and my daughter said to me: "Dad, the gril...
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