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16 days ago 12 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I had a good laugh. On my way home yesterday I made my usual stop at Whole Foods to pick up a couple of things including some prepared food for dinner.   The store was a bit busier than usual but not too bad. There was plenty of fruit but the fresh vegetables where basically gone...not unexpected.  I walked down each aisle to see what people were buying. All the cleaners, paper towels and bread were gone but much to my surprise there wasn't any toilet paper left. Are we goin...
324 days ago 3 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Nearly 300 people have died following the world’s biggest-ever single-day election, which took place last month in Indonesia—not through protests or civil unrest, but exhaustion.   272 people who were counting collapsed from fatigue-related illness in the 10 days following the country’s vote in April and an additional 1,878 took ill.   What made this the largest single-day election in human history is that 80% of the Indonesia's eligible citizens voted. This means 150 million...
1052 days ago 5 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Being the guy in the hospital bed, you gain a unique perspective. A little over two years ago, I was that guy.   Recently, my brother-in-law was that guy. He had a heart attack, got a stent and is doing fine. We talked about "being in the bed" when I saw him last weekend. We both had the same reaction.   When you're in the bed it's your reality. You're not wondering, just feeling. It's your friends, family and loved ones that are in emotional trauma because they don't know wh...
1283 days ago 6 comments Categories: Health Tags:
A hug a day...   Yes it's true. A study published by Carnegie Mellon suggests that, in addition to making us feel connected with others, hugs may prevent us from getting sick. You might think that hugging hundreds of strangers would increase your exposure to germs and therefore the likelihood of falling ill. But the research out of Carnegie Mellon indicates that feeling connected to others, especially through physical touch, protects us from stress-induced sickness.   I love ...
1633 days ago 3 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I have had a beard for about 30 years and now beards are huge. They change the way we (men) look and some baseball players grow them till they lose. As it turns out, there are many health benefits to having a beard! Beards can:   Help prevent cancer: According to researchers from the University of Southern Queensland, a thick, bountiful beard can make their owner better looking and healthier. For their study, the researchers put a group of bearded and not bearded manne...
1724 days ago 7 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Did you know that humans and chimps share a genetic mutation that helps them break down alcohol? Scientists say that the benefits of such an expanded diet may have even led evolution to favor an attraction to alcohol.   Well apparently Chimps have used this expanded diet by learning to fold or crumple leaves inside their mouths to produce a drinking tool. They dip these "leaf sponges" into their preferred drink, palm wine, and then squeeze the leafy tools in their mouths. May...
1752 days ago 11 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Do you brace yourself before stepping into a doctor's office? I do. Just about everytime I see a doctor now there's some kind of bad news. I've developed a kind of "what now?" attitude. It's my defense mechanism, preparing for whatever is going to happen. This week, however, I received a piece of good news...finally!   Thinking about it, I have a relatively pragmatic approach..."Okay, what do we do about it and when can we get it done." It seems most doctors appreciate the ap...
1773 days ago 12 comments Categories: Health Tags:
It's quite a large volume of fluid. To put it in perspective, that's four of those big 2 liter bottles of soda. Not that I drink much soda but the amount is significant.   And that's precisely the quantity of liquid they drained out of my stomach last Wednesday. I know...I can't believe it either. I watched as a catheter, that was inserted into my right side, sucked out fluid for over 45 minutes. What a feeling. My belly got smaller and I felt my insides relax. I could take a...
1780 days ago 14 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I've been very active most of my life and have suffered fractures, ligament issues, hyperextensions, bruises, sprains, etc. I've usually bounced back from these injuries in a relatively short time feeding my body with the right nutrients and careful excercise that have always brought me back to 100%.   This time it's quite different. It's reeeaallly slow and when I push my body a bit it tells me loud and clear "What the hell are you doing?!? Lie down and take a nap...NOW!"   ...
1885 days ago 12 comments Categories: Health Tags:
The recent outbreak of measles has thrown this issue front and center. If you haven't heard, The Washington Post has indentified Disneyland in California as Ground Zero in the current outbreak.   I wondered how this could happen and, after tooling around on the internet, I found that there are many parents who don't allow their children to be vaccinated. The Amish, in particular, believe that vaccinations are dangerous which led to the scene of the worst outbreak of measles i...
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