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3 days ago 18 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It's not often I do but I'm trying to do it more....treat myself exquisitely. I certainly deserve...don't we all?   Others may say it's selfish and to those people pleasers out there I know it might feel that way (i get it:) BUT we all need to pay attention to us first before we can help others.   Found this quote from Paulo Coelho, a best selling novelist who wrote The Alchemist.   "When you say ‘yes’ to others make sure you are not saying ‘no’ to yourself."...
10 days ago 18 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:

I used to wake up and look at myself once a day...maybe twice then go to work.


Now I see myself all day long at Zoom meetings and it's strange to say the least.


I look at my square on the screen and wonder who the hell is that and what did you do with Mitch?

17 days ago 16 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Hearing about bystanders at George Floyd's trial wishing they had done something and the guards that watched an old lady be beaten and did nothing, I take inspiration from Aristotle. "If you want a virtue, act as if you already have it and then it will be yours. Change comes through action. Act first, then become."   Virtues don’t come through simply by thinking about them. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.   Ted...
24 days ago 14 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I can tell more people are back in their offices because the roads are filled again. I had forgotten how it was Pre-COVID with more accidents, bad drivers and traffic jams. The time it now takes me to complete the drive to and from my office has grown.   I usually listen to the radio and in the past couple of days, all the reporters seem to want to talk about is the cargo ship stuck in the Suez canal.   It's one of the world's larger container ships and, according to Bloombe...
31 days ago 18 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
While talking with one of my contacts at Hofstra, she said that she's moved on from drinking green tea and now orders a caramel latte but feels guilty because of the calories.      I said WTF, if it brings you some joy, order it! You deserve it :)   I got off the phone and thought about a quote from Mark Twain that popped into my head...   "Life is short, Break the Rules. Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably And never regret ANYTHING That makes you s...
38 days ago 20 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I was discussing a show on TV with my son and he couldn't relate. He doesn't watch traditional TV anymore. His entertainment channels are Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.    A friend was telling me I should watch a certain show and when I asked what time it was on, he said "Anytime you want."   We consume media and information so differently now. Here's where I spend my time:   News: Online through Apple News on my iPhone, CNN, NBC, and 60 Minutes Entertainment: Traditional TV, Pri...
45 days ago 17 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
We've all been COVIDing for over a year now and so many of our behaviors have changed.    More home cooking Delivery of anything and everything Less plane flights Very little travel Working from home No hugging or shaking hands Watching tons of streaming TV and movies Becoming a Zoom expert as well as a bunch of other activities...   I wonder what will stick once we're out of the woods....
52 days ago 18 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Ever notice how everyone else has the answer for your issue?   No matter what it is; realtionship, business, love, angst, etc.  You explain your issue and in that conversation there'll be at some point a declaritive statement from that person saying "this is what you should do!"   I think Gian-Carlo Rota, the famous MIT mathmetician, said it best..."the advice we give others is always the advice we need to follow most."...
59 days ago 9 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It almost happened...My sister and I were scheduled to see our Mom face to face this weekend. However, since all of the workers at the assisted living facility did not got vaccinated (which is the subject of a different kind of blog) two of them were diagnosed with COVID-19 and they had to cancel all the visitors...again. So disappointing.   We continue to use Facetime and Zoom to see her but she is obviously disengaged and rely on the one of the wonderful health care workers...
66 days ago 23 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
After reading, listening, and watching the impeachment proceedings, I woke up today with this song floating around in my head from the Temptations...(forgive the editing:)   Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the (preacher)And it seems nobody's interested in learning but the (teacher)Segregation, determination, demonstration, inssurection, aggravation, humiliation, obligation to our nation   Ball of confusion. Oh yeah, that's what the world is today.   E...
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