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1 day ago 8 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Do you remember Natalie "Nadia" Suleman? I didn't until I ran across a follow up news story.   She is the Octomom, giving birth to 8 babies from one pregnancy. Well, they just celebrated their 10th birthday and all are seemingly healthy and well adjusted. She no dout has her hands full as her 14 children (she already had 6 older children) get bigger and older. In a recent interview she said “Yes, we are struggling, yes, we are in financial hardship.” However, she said her c...
9 days ago 12 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
What do you do with oil that can't be refined or used for commercial purposes?   Apparently you tell people that it's great for your health. In Azerbaijan's north-western city of Naftalan there is a spa that believes a crude oil bath can cure you of a bunch of things.   The local oil is used to treat to cure muscular, skin and bone conditions as well as gynaecological and neurological problems. According to a legend, the healing properties of Naftalan's "miraculous oil" were ...
16 days ago 16 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
All we can be is ourself. At home, business, networking, with friends, family, etc. It is when we are truly present and authentic can we connect with ourselves and the people in our lives.   This reminds me of a scene in The Last Samuri as Tom Cruise is practicing combat with a wooden Samuri sword. He is continually getting a beat down until a young man comes over to him and says "No mind." It is only then that he is not beaten by the Samuri he is practicing with. He can clea...
23 days ago 8 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
So a very good friend couldn't tell me the truth the other day. He was not courageous and did not handle himself well. I totally empathize with him and understand his business decisions. However, the way it was told to me (through other people) actually hurt more and left me wondering...   Do you tell the truth to your friends or do you avoid it using the excuse that you are protecting their feelings.   I have been guilty of the latter and try very hard to continually tell my...
29 days ago 17 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I'm offically a Telepone Standby Juror next week. I know it's my civic duty and half of me is very willing to do my part. The other half...not so much.   Apparently it's quite a cattle call. My number is 2757 and they start the week at 1001. However, they are calling in 600 people on Monday. My guess, I get pulled in on Thursday.   Last time I was called it had to be about 12 years ago. The video they played was really good. It was well produced with celebrities (I think Ed B...
37 days ago 19 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I recently pulled into the parking lot of my local 7/11 to grab a cup of coffee. There's always a spot up front at 7AM but I parked three rows out and walked up to the store. It was a beautiful sunny day.   As I made my way, I noticed that 6 out of the 10 cars parked in the lot were idling without a single soul inside any of them. They were all running with smoke coming out of their tailpipes.    I was surprised. It was about 50 degrees and sunny so there was no reason to kee...
44 days ago 14 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I admit, I've been enthralled with SpaceX's Demo 1 mission - launching the Dragon space capsule, dock with the ISS and safely reutrn it to earth. It's a prelude to sending astronauts to the space station from American soil for the first time since 2011.   If you didn't know, we been hitching rides for the past 8 years on Russian rockets for about $75 million/trip.   The Dragon space capsule safely splashed down yesterday morning and they are saying that real live astronauts w...
51 days ago 22 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Just yesterday I was having lunch with a friend of mine in a diner on Long Island. After we sat down, the owner came over and asked...did either of you drop $300 dollars?     I didn't but my friend checked his pockets and he was missing that exact amount of money. We were both blown away that this guy found it and brought it over.   Would you have done what that owner did? Be honest......
64 days ago 22 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
In a recent visit to the doctor (scheduled) I had to fill out a form to update/validate my information for 2019. Part of the questionnaire was this. I was quickly filling this out and after I checked White I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. Why is Ethnicity only Hispanic or Non-hispanic?   Why is Race only these four choices? The United States Census officially recognizes six racial categories: White or European American, Black or African American, American Indian and Al...
71 days ago 20 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Luke Hagerty. A name you might hear a few times during the upcoming baseball season.    What's so special is the fact he is 37 years old and throwing 99...he is the ultimate comeback story for baseball.   The Cubs just signed him 17 years after they drafted him in the first round. A great story of perserverance, focus and luck. Here's the full background story from ESPN...great read (click here)   Before Luke the oldest guy to make a comeback was Jim Morris and he was 35. The...
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