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4 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
If you've ever wanted a fire to smell like Kentucky Fried Chicken you are in luck. KFC has partnered with Enviro-log to created the first firelog designed to emulate the smell of the fast food chain's Secret Recipe.   "At KFC, we have always been proud of our role in bringing loved ones together at the dinner table around a bucket of our world-famous fried chicken," said Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. CMO.  "Now, this winter we're bringing all the things we love – family, friend...
11 days ago 7 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Saturday fun :-)   A group of adults were taking a computer science course at a local college. The professor wanted to have fun one day and divided the group by sex. Males on one side, females on the other. Then he told them to determine what gender the computer should be.   The men voted unanimously that the computer should be referred to in the feminine gender and the reasons to support that were: No one but their creator understands their internal logic When computers spe...
18 days ago 8 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
December. Last month of the year...Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, National Cookie Day (December 4th) and some very important birthdays are celebrated this month :-)   Here are some interesting facts I've uncovered: An almanac prediction states that if snow falls on Christmas Day, Easter will be warm, green and sunny. The name December comes from the Latin decem for “ten”, as it was the 10th month in the Roman Calendar. “Jingle bells” was composed in...
24 days ago 7 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:

This could have been me.


A teenager got his driver's license and had it revoked under an hour later. Police in Germany said that an 18-year-old was caught going 60 mph in a 30 mph zone just 49 minutes after he passed his driver's exam and was given a license.


"Some things hold for eternity... some not even an hour," police wrote.

32 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It was about two days ago that I was sitting at home staring at the TV but had not turned it on. This dark, blank lifeless flat object seemed to be bekoning to me. Turning it on would mean bringing life, color, sound and images into the room.   I resisted the temptation. It's funny how many times I inadvertantly picked up the remote as if it was an autonomic repsonse.  I sat in quiet for about 30 minutes or so, my brain dancing through both dark and light moments recounting ...
46 days ago 11 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I was observing my own actions this week as well as the people around me how considerate, or inconsiderate, we all are. My unscientific study yielded some interesting results.   I've noticed people not holding the door open, push to go first at the supermarket and speeding up so the driver, who has their blinker on, can't move into their lane. It seems to me that people are just not that considerate as much as they used to be. I held the door open yesterday for a person who w...
53 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
If one of my entreprenuer students came to me and said they wanted to make and sell a lollipop, I would be supportive of course but I would be thinking it's a crazy idea.   Well, it's not so crazy. Thanks to Alina Morse, an entrepreneurial eighth grader, we now have lollipops that help keep our teeth clean. Called Zollipops, they recently became the top-selling lollipops on Amazon (both in the sugar and sugar free categories), beating out Tootsie, Dum Dums, Blow Pop, and ot...
60 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
On the the first day of legal cannabis sales across Canada, a 9 year old girl, Elina Childs, set up outside a marijuana shop to take advantage of the foot traffic.   The girl sold all 30 boxes of cookies she brought in under 45 minutes. "It amazed me how quickly they went," Elina's Father said. "Even people in cars driving on the avenue there would stop and roll down their window and ask for cookies." He said the experience was educational for Elina.   Nothing like selling t...
67 days ago 13 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Waking up in the dark is my first sign that the seasons are changing. I'm not a big fan. It just seems natural that we should wake up with the sun. Light tells your body it's time to wake up.   To combat that there are daylight simulation alarm clocks that begin with a soft glow and ramp up to full brightness by your wake-up time. Imitating a sunrise in your bedroom can either positively affect the way your body responds to waking up or a royal pain in the butt.   I rarely us...
74 days ago 14 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Waking up this morning I caught myself getting "up to speed" by checking my email and responding to some, looking at the weather, monitoring websites, etc.   It struck me how fast the pace of business and life has become. Activities for children are scheduled and parents race to keep them on time. In business, at any point during the say I'm answering one of my emails, getting on a conference call, writing copy among other tasks all at the same time. Everybody wants everythin...
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