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8 days ago 8 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:'s that time of year to experience something that is unique to the Northeast forest. (I learned that from David Attenborough:) Watching the green leaves change into a variety of colors.   BTW the term "fall" was likely a deviation from the Old English words "fiaell" and "feallan," both of which mean to fall from a height. And autumn came from the Latin word "autumnus," with the root of the word having connotations regarding "the passing of the year."   As I look outsi...
15 days ago 10 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I find it fascinating that in my travels, I'm seeing license plates from all over the country...Missouri, Texas, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Virginia and I wonder why.   Are they students who didn't go back to their schools? Are they out-of-towners staying in a place where COVID is low? I then make the leap...did they quarantine? Do they have COVID?   Thoughts I never had before. It seems to be in the back of my head when I enter a place of business. Is there someone her...
22 days ago 10 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I'm watching the Weather Channel and witnessing the 4th hurricane this season making landfall on the Louisiana coast. The reporter just said "this has never happened before."   How many times have we heard that phrase this year..."this has never happened before."   I wonder how many more times we'll hear it....
29 days ago 4 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I know it's Saturday but yesterday at the end of the work day I Zoomed into the Gotham Happy Hour. I should join in more often but work for me these days takes up a lot of head space and time.   The Gotham Happy Hour is very special, especially these past weeks because Norm is the official sponsor. This time he brought in Willa, who is a fantastic musician. She not only sang three classic tunes but provided a fascinating background story for each one.   I invite you to join i...
36 days ago 9 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I took the IRT down BK street Where the RBG Twirled a beautiful B   She took that twirl all the way with a frill To the big SC Where there was no We   While she was alive Her rules changed the end of doctrine that prevented any woman to become legend   An in doing so became a beacon for justice and right, she was unbeaten. Her decisions were glorious They'll last for decades That's why her name is...notorius...
43 days ago 12 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
A farmer from Bombay recently revealed that when the pandemic forced schools to move their classes online, he had borrowed money from his friends so he could buy a smartphone for his 10-year-old daughter so she could study. However, after a while, his friends wanted him to pay back the money he had borrowed.   To do that, he would have had to sell the smartphone to arrange for the money, but the thought of breaking his daughter's heart forced him to make the difficult decisio...
50 days ago 19 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I was asked a question last Thursday at a meeting...What's your hidden talent? It was a good question because I believe I really don't hide anything although I did come up with these;   • Barbecueing (I love to grill or smoke anything:) • Woodworking (I hand crafted the mouldings in the addition to my house to match the ones in the orignial 100 year old part) • Driving (I can drive any vehicle of any size) • Carve a turkey (at least Norman thinks so:)   What's yours?...
57 days ago 17 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Here's a real life story I could classify as could only happen in corona time.   Ander Christensen, 27, appeared before the Lincoln City Council governing body at a public meeting and laid out the case for the city's restaurants and stores to stop claiming chicken tenders are "boneless chicken wings."   "We have been casually ignoring a problem that has gotten so out of control that our children are throwing around names and words without even understanding their true meanin...
64 days ago 14 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
A giant art mural located in Warsaw, Poland is helping people breathe a little easier. Made up of sun-activated, smog-cleaning pigments, the mural attracts airborne pollutants and converts them into harmless nitrates that purify the surrounding air equal to 720 trees using photocatalytic paint with titanium dioxide.    The campaign was organized by sportswear company Converse as part of its City Forests campaign.   Let's start painting...who's in?...
71 days ago 8 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
More observations from my unexpected COVID life...   I'm so used to my mask that sometimes I wear it while driving alone in my car.   Most of the customers in Whole Foolds are now Prime buisness people shopping to deliver.   I'm getting better at reading people even though I only see their eyes.   Supporting the small buinesses in my neighborhood is harder when a lot of them are closed.   Social distancing is an oxymoron.  ...
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