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137 days ago 2 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Some time ago, Nancy blogged about old friends. About two weeks ago, I received an email from Gothamite William Skody giving me regards from his neighbor, Sal. Sal and I worked together over twenty years ago. I liked Sal then and I like him now. We’ve kept in touch. I’ve always liked Sal. He’s a real mensch (as Fred would say, that’s a legal term). Sal helped me in a very special way many years ago. When my father asked me to take him home from the hospital, Sal helped me ...
165 days ago 9 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I usually don't participate in "chain" letters but this text message that I received the other day from a physician is, in my view, worthy of sharing. It may save a life. Please pause for 2 minutes and read this: 1. Let’s say it’s 7.25pm and you’re going home (alone of course) after an unusually hard day on the job. 2. You’re really tired, upset and frustrated. 3 Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that starts to drag ou...
543 days ago 11 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Last weekend was Uncle Joe's 92nd birthday. As we have for the past few years, Flo and I went down to Florida for a long weekend to see Uncle Joe and other relatives who no longer travel north. Joe is a survivor, both literally and figuratively. He survived the Warsaw Ghetto. He has had his share of loss and illness. But Joe was always a vibrant, athletic man who set an example for all of us in how to enjoy life in retirement. He has had his health issues ov...
564 days ago 5 comments Categories: Health Tags:
So it's time to look back  at the past year and, as I think about Gotham and 2016, my thoughts take me to one of the hidden secrets in our Gotham family. It's a small group of Gothamites -- we call them the Advocates-- who quietly help others navigate the complex world of healthcare. Whether it's finding a doctor in some far-away country, getting access to the inaccessible specialist in our backyard or helping secure the appropriate care for an elderly family member, somehow ...
767 days ago 7 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Overheard at a bar in the west 40s...,Man: "You look great!"Woman: "Yea. I lost weight."Man: "I didn't know you needed to."Woman: "I didn't."Man: inquiring glance....Woman: "Stress."At the Spring Cocktail Party the other night, the common theme with people I spoke to was "stress".So, what's going on? ...
907 days ago 7 comments Categories: Health Tags:
It started with a little tickle... (or was it a little scratch?) in my throat. Ignore it. Within an hour, there was no denying. It was my winter cold 2016. By the time I gave it the attention it deserved, it had taken over. “Don't respect me? I'll show you!” What to do? Take zinc. Take vitamin C. Drink plenty of liquids. Starve it. Feed it. Sweat it out. Carry tissues...and use them. Move on to bigger artillery. Advil, Co-Advil. Need to show ID and pick-up it up ...
1355 days ago 10 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I’m happy that the nurse from Maine was released from the isolation tent in New Jersey. I’m not happy that she is resisting the 21 day voluntary quarantine that seems to be the prudent suggested course of action. Not for a moment do I dismiss the inconvenience that goes with isolation but the “experts” can’t seem to agree that anyone is conclusively out of danger until the 21 days have passed. For me, it seems that caution should dictate until more is known. But that’s ...
1418 days ago 7 comments Categories: Health Tags:
My son, Charles, got me a Jawbone for my birthday. I wear it on my wrist. No, not that kind of jawbone! This one syncs to my iPhone, has an app, and will keep me healthy. (I hope.)   Even the recitation of the words with new meanings makes me nostalgic for my Timex and running logbook of old. However one must get with the program.   Jawbone is one of the variations of several devices that monitor your movement and, through some basic information about you and algorithms, tra...
1481 days ago 5 comments Categories: Health Tags:
The consummate chronicler of our running escapades of so many years ago recently informed me that on June 21,1980, I ran the Westchester Half Marathon in just under one hour and thirty-one minutes (does 1:30:52 sound better?). By the most-accurate account, I finished with our friend Warren with whom the report was shared. In the email exchange that followed, the response of the chronicler - perhaps to the comment that “more training” would have alleviated another runne...
1495 days ago 8 comments Categories: Health Tags:
It seems that there is always a current “what we thought was good for you, isn't”. Something that was considered healthy and even recommended, suddenly falls out of favor. Low dose aspirin. Take one a day. Now, not so good for you. Don't take low dose aspirin. Talk to your doctor. Coffee. Doesn't count toward your necessary daily fluid consumption. Now it does. Caffeine? --- I’m not sure what the latest is. Chocolate? Good for you, but st...
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