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12 days ago 10 comments Categories: Health Tags:
We were on Zoom waiting for the other members of New York Health and Longevity to join the meeting. I asked fellow Gothamite Janet Sullivan how she was doing.She answered that she was okay but with the reservation that she was doing as well as could be expected given the stress that we have all been under for over a year. (My apologies to Janet for not giving a verbatim report of her response.)Janet, a psychotherapist, continued and explained that she preferred to give an hon...
47 days ago 10 comments Categories: Health Tags:
“Are you vaccinated?” Is that the question that you can, or can’t, ask?Lawyers are struggling with the question in several contexts and it has become a political football. But I’m talking about you and me.It seems to me that unless someone is vaccinated, I need to be as protective of myself and cautious with respect to that person as I was in the darkest days of the pandemic.So it’s a fair question and I’ll ask it in personal situations. If anyone is offended, let them deal w...
96 days ago 7 comments Categories: Health Tags:
In a phone call earlier this week, my friend told me that he was being liberated on Monday, March 22nd. “Liberated” —- what an interesting and timely word. My friend was referring to the fact that Monday will be two weeks after his second vaccine dose. I hadn’t heard it referred to as “liberation”. And Monday will be the first Monday of Spring - a liberation from the confinement of an especially challenging winter. I am so looking forward to Spring - especially this on...
131 days ago 6 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Today - weather and other contingencies permitting - Flo and I will be getting our second dose of the Covid vaccine. It is slowly becoming clear to me that this will likely not be the last time we take a Covid vaccine. Just as the Covid vaccine may become a reality for years to come, I contemplate the other things that have become part of our new normal that will remain with us in the years to come. With all possibilities, I keep coming back to one.....Will we be dining outdo...
278 days ago 8 comments Categories: Health Tags:
We watch on television as the fires rage on the West Coast. We are safe in front of our screens and observe what is happening so far away. The other day, I was on the phone with an attorney in California and I asked him how he was doing. He described the surreal fire-polluted air and not being able to leave his home. As he spoke, the radio in my home in the background reported that the haze in New York’s air was from the West Coast fires. Step away from your screen. We are al...
334 days ago 8 comments Categories: Health Tags:
“What protocols are you following?” It’s an appropriate question - especially now. When making an appointment or reservation, ask the question. Where appropriate, most establishments have precautions in place, but I’ve seen that nothing should be taken for granted. I am shocked to learn that some establishments where one might reasonably expect to see a sign “Masks Required” as well as other protections like encouraging social distancing, are not doing so. There should be no ...
369 days ago 9 comments Categories: Health Tags:
In the midst of everything that is going on, we strive for a few moments of calm. Over the years, I’ve tried to adopt various forms of relaxation - unfortunately most efforts have not been successful.Recently, we came across the app “Calm” and have been using it every morning.Five minutes of guided meditation.Recognizing the need for calm was the first, and perhaps, biggest, step. Commitment is next. Happily, in the midst of all this chaos, it seems to be working.How do you f...
390 days ago 4 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I had my first Covid dream a few days ago. It was about reopening and returning to the office.... back to normal.There was an awareness of measures in place to safely return.At my office desk, I settled in and reacquainted myself with the security of surroundings that I was so accustomed to. A good feeling.But then I was struck by the absence of masks and a rather cavalier attitude of those around me. As I woke, I heard myself saying  “I hope we don’t all get sick ... again.”...
418 days ago 9 comments Categories: Health Tags:
About a week ago, my friend, Gil, sent me the picture shown on this blog. Twenty people wearing masks over looking Jerusalem. Prophetic ? Not exactly…. We were on a trip to Israel with about twenty people. Two weeks of touring on a bus and meeting people. We didn’t know — until about the end of the first week, that we were an incubator for the Flu virus. Someone on the trip had the virus and, during the course of two weeks, the virus had us - almost every one of us (althou...
460 days ago 7 comments Categories: Health Tags:
After taking care of a few technical glitches—people dialing in on the wrong number and eliminating static from a bad connection — we settled in to our first Gotham Covid 19 conference call on Tuesday at 5 pm. (In the interest of not leaving anyone out or getting names wrong, I will not mention names.) It was informative group therapy.... We shared our different experiences, from groceries to working, from doom and gloom to the hope of new opportunities for creativity, an...
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