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72 days ago 9 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:
Happy holidays..... Our children are all married with young families. One lives in Manhattan, one lives on Brooklyn, another in Alexandria, Virginia and another in Washington D.C. Getting everyone together has always been a challenge and it has been years since we were all together in one place. Until the era of Zoom. Two weeks ago, we lit Hanukah candles together…. but together in a different way. Nonetheless, It was great to see everyone. We’re all learning that Zoom ove...
79 days ago 6 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:
I had intended to blog about Zoom. Little did I know that Gotham’s Holiday Gala last night would provide me with not only the material but, more significantly, the inspiration for the blog. The Gala was, quite simply, amazing. Thank you to Norm for choreographing the Gala and being a Master of Ceremonies without equal — navigating the technical challenge without a hitch.Congratulations to our networkers of the year, Dan and Brad, and to Lourdes who received the coveted Red B...
100 days ago 1 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:


As we think about giving thanks on this Thanksgiving in Covid, I share with you a message posted at our local bagel store:

"This is not the year to get everything you want. This is the year to appreceiate everything you have."

Happy Thanksgiving.

Be safe and healthy.

114 days ago 7 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:
One of the consequences of blogging on Thursday is that I blog on Thanksgiving Day. I’ve always suspected that not many people read the blog on Thanksgiving. Too many other things to do on that day: travel, cooking, last minute preparations.This year may be different. Being with family and friends is risky. Guidance suggests that we be careful. Compromises are considered, even as we acknowledge the downside.  Traditions may have to take a back seat.....With only two weeks til...
156 days ago 1 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:
For years I have wanted to attend a service given by our friend who is a cantor at a large congregation outside of Detroit.  The obvious hurdle was that the congregation was outside of Detroit and we live in New York. But things have changed and we were able to attend — albeit virtually— her service over the High Holidays.It was a high point of the holidays and a lesson in the changes and adaptations that must be made in these challenging times. Home for the holidays has take...
464 days ago 2 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:
As you enjoy the day with those who are dear to you, explore the things that you are thankful for....and give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving...
611 days ago 2 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:
As I walked away from the recycling bin in our community, I pondered the sign that had recently been placed on the nearby fence. It advised that the recycling area was under twenty-four hour camera surveillance and enumerated the permitted and prohibited disposals. I considered who put up the sign and the cameras. Who looked at the tapes? I answered myself immediately — “They”. The perennial and pervasive…. “They”. They make the rules. They impact our lives. O...
660 days ago 7 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:
Like Nancy - see her blog this past Tuesday - I value tradition. And so it was that Flo and I had dinner the other evening at LeCoucou to celebrate our anniversary. In addition to a phenomenal meal in a relaxed causal, albeit upscale place, we reminisced about how, a few years ago, we shut our phones to enjoy our dinner. When we turned the phones back on, a plethora of text messages greeted us with the news that a grandchild had been born while we dined. We rushed out t...
751 days ago 6 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:
Today is Valentine's Day.  It is the first anniversary of the Parkland shootings.  Today is a day of many feelings.  It is a day of expressing love.  Unfortunately, today is also a day to remember how hate can destroy love.   May love conquer hate today and always- Happy Valentine's Day. ...
821 days ago 6 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:
Eating jelly donuts is one of the customs that makes Hanukah what it is. My friend related the following story. Bob was seeing some people for the lighting of the first candle. He thought it would be nice to bring donuts. He called and ordered two dozen from the bakery and would pick them up on the way. With a credit card, it was done. A few hours later, he picked up the donuts. Two boxes were waiting with the charge slip attached. The charge was extravagantly-more than he...
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