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149 days ago 5 comments Categories: Music Tags:
I’ll paraphrase from the Hebrew: “How good and pleasant it is ... people sitting together.”Meaningful on so many levels - both figuratively and literally - especially now.The thoughts came to me last weekend as we sat on a lawn at the Clark Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts and listened to live music.The first live performance that we’ve seen in over six months.Outside, socially distanced with masks. The air was a bit chilly and the music kept us warm. It was like old ...
1325 days ago 4 comments Categories: Music Tags:
It was a perfect summer night for an outdoor concert at Jones Beach. As Rod Stewart expressed during the concert, it was much preferred to the rain that poured on one of his last concerts at the venue. I usually walk away from a concert with an ear worm--that lingering, repeating lyric that won't go away. "I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger...." (from Ooh la la)   As the lyrics persisted in my mind, I wondered: Do I really wish that I knew then ...
1395 days ago 4 comments Categories: Music Tags:
When I go to a live concert I go to enjoy the music and the rapport with the artist. I prefer when the performer connects with the audience. We saw Barbra Streisand at Barclay's last week. A wonderful evening. She is a great performer and still has that great voice. And she certainly connected with the crowd in Brooklyn (where she grew up). Barbra has no reservations about sharing her political views, and with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the audience, she was not shy ...
1682 days ago 4 comments Categories: Music Tags:
Last Sunday afternoon, we were sitting in the shed at Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts listening to the Boston Symphony Orchestra perform Beethoven's Sixth Symphony - "Pastoral Symphony, Recollections of Country Life". I don't remember ever enjoying a piece of classical music as much. Transformed, I thought back to the first time I visited Tanglewood as a camper more than fifty years ago. I thought about how lucky I was to be enjoying the music at that moment when so many ...
2424 days ago 7 comments Categories: Music Tags:
  Lyrics have been abounding in recent blogs. No lyrics (except for two lines later) but I will share my special regards for one of the music icons of my generation. We saw James Taylor at Jones Beach last night. We also saw him in the Berkshires less than two weeks ago at his annual July 4th concert at Tanglewood. We have seen him many times over the years. I don't think you can see too much of James Taylor. We have a special affinity for James. We used to see him on Martha...
2690 days ago 4 comments Categories: Music Tags:
Seventy years ago, George Horner was a prisoner in Theresienstadt, a concentration camp outside of Prague. He was a musician and played the music of Karel Svenk, another prisoner. They played cabaret pieces, the Theresienstadt March, and “How Come the Black Man Sits in the Back of the Car?” for other prisoners. By some historical accounts, music, and more specifically, the creation of music, kept them alive.   On Tuesday night, we sat in Symphony Hall in Boston as now ninet...
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