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1300 days ago 5 comments Categories: Games Tags:
There is so much going on. Sometimes it’s a relief to just talk sports. There is something I don’t like about the Eli Manning situation. The Giants have been awful this season — one of the worse I can remember. Eli, the Giants’ quarterback and long-time face of the franchise, was abruptly told that he would not be starting this Sunday’s fire 210 straight starts over 14 years, Eli has been benched. Call me sentimental, but I remember the great Super Bowl wins brought to us by ...
1454 days ago 4 comments Categories: Games Tags:
I met Bill a few months ago. Or, I should say, I reconnected with Bill at our 50th High School reunion a few months ago. When I heard that Bill played golf, I parked that bit of information in the back of my mind in anticipation of Gotham's annual golf outing. As the Golf outing, which was held on Monday, approached, I thought of Bill and invited him to join our foursome. Although it would be a long trip from New Jersey, Bill enthusiastically agreed. It was no surprise tha...
1769 days ago 5 comments Categories: Games Tags:
The games of summer. "Connect Four", "Air Hockey" and "Skee Ball". Remember them? Recently, "Connect Four" re-entered our lives. We have the travel-size and it's perfect on our trips. Flo likes to pack it when we travel and challenges me to a game or two, which becomes the "best of five" or "best of seven". There's a game room in the Marriott in Great Barrington and we couldn't resist "Air Hockey". We also found an air hockey game at the arcade in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vin...
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