Gotham Battle of the Bands® in play

Gotham Battle of the Bands® in play
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Often my first show of the season involves a Gotham connection. Last year, it was a show at My Father’s Place that Shelly and I attended with Vincent and Susan Russo. Often, The Gotham Battle of the Bands® (“BOTB”) works out as my first show of the year. This year, definitely not to be. Marisa and I take in the Eagles later this month at MSG. A few weeks back I already outlined here the state of my concert plans. Besides the band above influenced by my favorite band Poco and whose bass players both played first in that iconic band that belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, my only other addition (to my concert list) to date involves Jackson Browne and James Taylor at the beach. Nonetheless I always look forward to the BOTB, this year at Groove in Greenwich Village (Thank you William Skody). After a year’s hiatus, Gotham brings back this musical extravaganza on Sunday, May 3.


Gotham even offers various sponsor deals that get you prime seats. Expect six very talented bands — we select them later this year — to compete for prizes – cash awards of $2,000, $1,000 and $500 and also a chance (if you come in first) to play at the legendary Cafe Wha? (once, gain thank you William Skody). Download an application here (share the link widely, especially if you know a band that should compete). Definitely mark your calendar to attend.  Norm Spizz always produces an enjoyable concert.

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