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Benjamin Geizhals
Open Windows
Posted By : Benjamin Geizhals

It was the beautiful chirping sounds of birds that woke me the other morning. A symphonic cacophony. It is that special time of year here on Long Island when you can leave your windows open at night and enjoy the cool night air… and the birds as the sun rises.I admit that they wake me a bit earlier than I might prefer, but I really can’t blame the

The Bedwetter
Posted By : ODEY RAVIV

A new musical has hit the stage in New York.  And get this… it’s about divorce, depression, and bedwetting.  More surprisingly, it is a raucous comedy.  Comedian and actress, Sarah Silverman, infamous for her comedy routines, spotlighting her very open attitudes and vibrant language about sex had written her memoir “The Bedwetter” in 2010.   After

Nancy Schess
Graduation Season
Posted By : Nancy Schess

My children have each now collected a treasure trove of graduation experiences.  From nursery school through college x2!  I’m pretty sure there are more graduations in our future, but at this particular moment I am mighty proud -- just like Fred and Corey who shared their graduation pride over the last few days.   This past weekend my son graduated

Rona Gura
Smoking Tips
Posted By : Rona Gura

For all those “smokers,” out there I need tips. After years of asking for a smoker for Mother’s Day, I finally got one.   I always understood my husband’s hesitancy in buying me a smoker. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not eat meat. But I do eat poultry and fish. And every summer when he opened up the bar-be-que, I just wanted to be able to smoke

Corey Bearak
2 graduations and some history
Posted By : Corey Bearak

Referring back to last’s week’s commentary in this space, we ventured to Boston, MA to attend the graduation ceremony of the “scribe” this past Friday at Northeastern University. The new PhD and her PhD spouse joined us for a celebratory dinner that eve; we also celebrated in advance the graduation this afternoon of the new PhD at Hofstra. Aft

Mitch Tobol
Are we alone?
Posted By : Mitch Tobol

Do you believe that we've been visited by aliens? And I don't mean people from other countries on this planet but an extraterrestrial.     Pentagon officials speaking at the first public hearing on UFOs since the 1960s have shown previously classified footage of an unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP), a split-second video of a metallic sphere zoom

Fred Klein
Stand Up
Posted By : Fred Klein

Last weekend my granddaughter Maggie graduated magna cum laude in Fine Arts from my alma mater, Syracuse University, and we were there to witness it. We are so proud of that talented, kind young woman!During the graduation ceremony the speaker asked those who were the first in their family to graduate college to stand.  Without thinking or hesitati

Benjamin Geizhals
Lesson from a Massage
Posted By : Benjamin Geizhals

Recently, I had a massage and I learned a lesson. The massage was nice. The message was significant.As the massage started, I found myself thinking about what the therapist would do next. Expectations took over my thoughts….until I realized that I wasn’t enjoying the massage and that, perhaps, I should let go and allow the therapist to do her thing