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Shows Up
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No secret to frequent followers of this blog, and to many (most? All?) who know me how much I enjoy music, especially of a certain genre. Yesterday, I saw a tweet between two City Council Members I know that I think was trying to equate the quality and state of music today to politics today and a comparison to an earlier era. I replied my view that most of the best music with limited exceptions occurred from 1967 though 1974. Earlier last week, I found myself discussing with my friend Jason what appeared to be a much better summer concert lineup (and the next few months as well) this year; it seemed every day this week another good show got announced. In some cases, summer plans might require a hold on certain dates but we already locked in Rod Stewart, Squeeze opening for Hall & Oates, Steve Winwood opening for Steely Dan and The Doobies Bros. 50th Anniversary which includes Michael McDonald and Tom Johnston in the same lineup. Before the summer starts I look forward to attending the last three Richie Furay shows before he “retires” from “headline touring,” the return of Gotham’s Battle of the Bands on May 3 (know a band, encourage them to apply, beside cash prizes, the winner gets a gig a the legendary Cafe Wha) and the revival of West Side Story (with new choreography). So for live music, 2020 shapes up rather nicely. Curious to learn how others see this year shaping up musically.

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