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Medical Care Associates IPA
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Independent Practice Association that
works with doctors to maintain their independence
and prosper while taking care of patients like
they are the doctor's Moms and Dads.
620 Belle Terre Rd
Port Jefferson
New York
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631 509-4400

Ms. Horowitz has been a business builder in
healthcare for 30 years. Her experience includes
working with HMOs, Hospitals and Health systems,
independent doctors, and independent physician

Ms Horowitz believes that when you support
the success of good doctors who are dedicated
to providing good medicine and taking care of their
patients, that you can touch the lives of many
people in the community positively in a way that
lasts for generations.
Business Category:
Health Services/HMOs
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  witsowitz wrote 95 Days Ago  
As a young woman I, like many like me, recognized and felt the inequity of women's roles and power in greater society. Many of us had no mentors or role models to spring board from. Women's roles began dramatically changing as I was graduating high school. Society at large and within my own family limited our choices in life. But as baby boomer women, we push naturally against it much the same way our generational size challenged and changed many societal notions. Upon the birth of my two daughters, "girl power" was instilled and central themes for no other reason than the equal right to pursue what was, is, and remains naturally within them. I remember a few incidences in my family, as the only female sibling, where my father and brothers attempted to put me in their perceived ideas of where my place and my daughters belonged. It resulted in stand offs lasting, in some cases, a few years until the message was understood that women's rights and roles are equal value to all others. Themes that for many of us have been exercised in many parts of life in one way or another. My children give me hope by there demonstrated fearlessness to be valued by their contribution. But do not underestimate the insidious and covert behaviors that continue to exist holding women back still to this day locally, nationally, and globally as demonstrated by the world wide march among women yesterday. We have gained a lot. Trump is simply giving vocal confirmation of behavior we have long known exists and never really went away. The right to choose our own paths is up to each of us individually and should not be legislated or misdirected by notions that have no foundation other than the desire to hold someone back for selfish and self serving motives. It is my hope that yesterday's demonstration globally will continue not just as a one time March or new marches for the future. It's my hope that we will continue to demonstrate that our birth as women regardless of what type is not an excuse to devalue who we are. We can demonstrate it by continuing in our own ways to express girl power and not let anyone off the hook for not respecting it.
      witsowitz wrote 385 Days Ago  
    Yesterday the Huffington Post published an article about Diabetes featuring my family journey. The WHO declared Diabetes an Global Epidemic. As is the case in my family where everything that could be done didn't stem the suffering, most do not have to share the same fate. Learn how and why by clicking on the link below. Remember if you don't have the time to care for your health, You'll have to find the time to be ill.
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