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149 days ago 9 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
I was distressed in reading the reports yesterday that the top trending video on YouTube was a conspiracy theory that Florida school shooting survivor, and one of the organizers of the "March for Our Lives", David Hogg, is an actor; more precisely, a "crisis actor" -- someone who is "paid to pretend to have been affected by a tragedy for political purposes." Other social media platforms are likewise inundated with posts of conspiracy theories. With the overwhelming ...
163 days ago 7 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
The words of a schoolteacher of mine from many many years ago resonate for me.  “We read the obituaries not to learn who died but to learn about those who lived.” I read the obituary of Haim Gouri, an Israeli poet, journalist, novelist, and filmmaker who died last week at the age of 94. He was a voice from the founding of the State of Israel. The words of one of his early poems ring profound. “And there, those in the right fire on the others in the right.” The New York Time...
212 days ago 6 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
If you’ve ever wondered whether your vote makes a difference, consider what’s going on in Virginia. Three races for seats in the Virginia House of Delegates are in the midst of recounts. Yesterday morning the reports were that one of the candidates had a one vote lead. That one seat could also shift party control in the House. (Yesterday afternoon the report was that another ballot had been found and the vote was tied.) The takeaway? Every vote counts. ...
506 days ago 9 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
I just finished reading “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates” by Brian Kilmeade and  DanYaeger.  A very good read about the war against the pirates of the Barbary Coast and the birth of the US navy and marines. Hence the words to the marine corps song. “..,to the shores of Tripoli." The authors also wrote “George Washington’s Secret Six” about Washington's spies who were critical to the success of the American revolution. Kilmeade has a show on Fox News, a network th...
562 days ago 4 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
We recently visited the Mitzi Newhouse theater at Lincoln Center. As I walked down the stairs to the theater, I thought of the lockers that were available in the lobbies of the theaters at Lincoln Center. Convenient, especially in the winter, for coats.   However, the lockers are gone -- removed many years ago for security reasons.   In the lobby of the theater patrons are seated on the long bench recessed into the space that replaced the lockers. But some lockers remain in t...
611 days ago 4 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
Here's how it was related to me: Flo was having a manicure a few days after the election. Her conversation with Maggie, her manicurist, was disrupted by the loud one-sided cell phone conversation of another patron. (Yes, the salon requests that cellphones not be used.) Flo and Maggie were discussing the results of the election. Since Maggie lives in an immigrant community, the outcome was of special importance to her. The customer, who finally ended her "advice column" conv...
618 days ago 8 comments Categories: Politics Tags:

Heal first.

Analyze later.

More next week.

660 days ago 4 comments Categories: Politics Tags:

"Be prepared!" Wasn't that one of the basic tenets of the Boy Scouts?

What surprised me most about Monday night's debate was the lack of preparation by one candidates.

As I was watching, I wondered whether the debate would be used as an example of the importance of preparation.

667 days ago 6 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
Between now and November 8th, I am going to learn more about polls than I may ever want to know. Every day there's a new poll and every new poll is accompanied by an analysis of the techniques utilized by the poll. Then some commentator will delve into the bias of the poll. Gone are the simple days of "here are the results and there's a error factor of 3%". I was called by a pollster a few months ago. It was to determine my preference in a five-way primary. Or so the...
681 days ago 3 comments Categories: Politics Tags:
Every four years, Labor Day marks the 'beginning' of the presidential election campaign. And every four years, two types of people emerge -- those addicted to the election news and those who purposely avoid the election news. Okay, I admit it. I'm addicted. I have become an election news junkie. I not only watch CNN whenever I can, I listen to CNN on the radio (and imagine what is showing on the screen). I forego the sports pages in the newspaper for election coverage. I am ...
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