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Corey Bearak
Music for this holiday season
Posted By : Corey Bearak

It’s that time again; people plan holiday parties. Gotham’s holiday party takes place virtually on Tuesday and a trio of in-person gatherings take place Thursday in Manhattan, and the following week on Tuesday on Long Island and Thursday in Westchester. It also means holiday music and my “open-source” list of holiday tunes grew this year to 116 son

Mitch Tobol
Posted By : Mitch Tobol

I love to laugh. As a matter of fact I still even chuckle at Norman's jokes :).   For some reason, in the middle of doing my daily pushups the other morning, I remembered when I had one of those uncontrollable, belly hurts laughs. In my memory of that moment, it seemed to last a half hour but I'm sure it was a bit shorter. I started laughing and e

Fred Klein
Posted By : Fred Klein

Showers require water, lots of water and water is our most taken for granted Natural Resource. So much so, that when I take a shower I turn off the faucet after I’m watered down and before I soap up. Then I turn it on again to rinse. I know a long hot shower is a wonderful, sensual luxury, but think of all that precious water down the drain!It take

Benjamin Geizhals
Welcome Home
Posted By : Benjamin Geizhals

Gotham is amazing. Perhaps I had taken Gotham for granted for a while. That was shaken last Monday as I attended Gotham’s Encores meeting and joined in welcoming Ellin Yaskey back to Gotham.Ellin has been inactive since moving from the United States to Israel over ten years ago.Ellin joined our virtual meeting from her apartment in Tel Aviv -- one

Posted By : ODEY RAVIV

It’s the biggest sporting event in the world.  More people watch and follow the World Cup Tournament than any other sporting activity.  Thirty two countries qualified for this year’s event. The World Cup is almost a hundred years old. It is held every four years and the 1930 initial Cup was won by Uruguay.   This year the World Cup is being held in

Nancy Schess
First Day of School
Posted By : Nancy Schess

All day yesterday, I couldn’t escape that first day of school feeling.  Frankly, I’m not sure I wanted to escape it.  With the benefit of hindsight, I look back fondly on those firsts.   So off I went – or better said “we” went – bright and early to venture to a new firm to start a new adventure with our team.  I got dressed, packed a bag, found m

Rona Gura
It's Cyber Monday
Posted By : Rona Gura

It’s Cyber-Monday and my in box is exploding. I must admit, whenever I go to a store and they offer me an additional 10% off if I give my email address, I always do. My intent, always, is to unsubscribe when I get that first email. But I never do.    I fully understand the marketing. I have seen “The Social Experiment.”  I know those emails are “ti

Corey Bearak
GOtham GREEN® continues its tradition of recognizing worthy initiatives, products & people
Posted By : Corey Bearak

Gotham started a new tradition when it moved its Gotham Green Awards® to November in 2020. GOtham GREEN® now announces its awards which herald worthy initiatives, products and people ahead of Thanksgiving. Earlier awards took place at various times including the end of each year and around Earth Day. This timing fits best and just before we gather

Mitch Tobol
Posted By : Mitch Tobol

In the spirit of the season, I'm so grateful for my family. I love Thanksgiving. To me it's the best presents or religion (no offense intended to anyone) just sit around a table, enjoy each other, laugh and express gratitude.   The feeling extends for a few days because I open my refrigerator and I see remnants (you might call them le

Fred Klein
I'm Thankful!
Posted By : Fred Klein

Inspired by my friend BingoJo Celi’s recent piece on the same subject and in the afterglow of being around the table with family yesterday, I realize I am blessed with a cornucopia of things to be thankful for.Rather than list them, suffice it to say, in addition to gratitude for my readers, my cup runneth over!And you?