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March 2016
Author : Editor: John A. Buscarello

Love in Gotham City Networking, Inc.®

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When Corey met Fred, or is When Fred met Corey?

Read the story everyone wants to know......Fred and Corey...or....Corey and Fred

By: Corey Bearak

September 23, 2009 remains an important date in Gotham City Networking, Inc.®. On that very date Corey found Fred or perhaps Fred found Corey.

Both being lawyers, of course the fateful meeting occurred at an Israeloff CLE aka “LI Law Firm Managing Partners Group.” I had recently started to attend these worthwhile and FREE CLEs . Indeed, the prior May, Gotham City Networking, Inc.®. co-founder Nancy Schess was the featured presenter. Who knew? Who recalled. The last interesting bit of info got found “researching” this piece.

The instant CLE, a Roundtable Discussion, “Marketing Your Law Firm in the New Paradigm: Views from the Trenches,” led by Gotham's Michael J. Garibaldi, featured what readers should recognize today as an all-Gotham City Networking, Inc.®. Faculty: Mitch Tobol (CGT Marketing), Fred C. Klein, Esq. (Klein, Zelman, Rothermel, LLP), and Vincent J. Russo, Esq. (then Vincent J. Russo & Associates, now The Russo Law Group). I even earned 2 CLE Credits in Law Practice Management.

As Gothamites might know from Fred's blog, including his softball play, and my involvement arranging our now annual forays to Citifield to view the Mets take on the Yankees (we go next Monday August 1), Fred and I share an affinity for the National Pastime. Of course Fred mentioned during his presentation not only his playing softball but his managerial efforts. Somehow that motivated me to share that I also managed a champion team or two in my time (girls softball, Fred's managed Little League) and had played team softball through my early adult days; I shared that I keep my bat, glove, softballs and cleats in my car ready for the occasional pickup or arranged game.

Always inquisitive, Fred asked what I did. I replied. Fred turns to Israeloff Marketing Director Lisa Waterman – who we all know as the GC of several flourishing Gotham City Networking, Inc.®. groups and like me (hers came first) as a former “Networker of the Year” – and asks if Gotham City Networking, Inc.®. has a lobbyist (a phrase I endeavor not to use when I describe my work). Lisa invites me to check out Gotham City Networking, Inc.®. Long Island Legal; I attend the October 22 meeting; I enjoy it; I attend Gotham Long Island the following week; I accept an invite to join.

History gets made.

Gotham Battle of the Bands®

Don't Miss Gotham's Battle of the Bands®

Sunday, April 17 at the legendary Cafe Wha?

by Corey Bearak

It takes place Sunday, April 17, 2016, at the legendary Café Wha?, 115 Macdougal Street, New York NY 10012). While the venue remains convenient to all subways, note also no parking meters on Sundays in New York City.

Show starts at 3:00 p.m. Doors open an hour before.

The bands will compete for three prizes. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges selected by the Gotham Battle of the Bands® organizing committee.

Prizes are as follows: First prize $2,000; Second prize $1,000; and Third prize $500. Each band will perform one set not to exceed twenty minutes.

Best of all winner(s) get gig at @CafeWhaNYC.

Get your tickets, Premium Seats, view sponsor opportunities and band applications here.

More info at Gotham City Networking, Inc.®'s website.

Fred's Trip To Cuba

By Fred Klein

Last week we visited Cuba for 6 days.  It was my first visit, but back in the day my Damon Runyon character dad was a frequent gambling visitor to Havana and was on the last flight out in the final moments of Castro's revolution.

At the outset it was a trying experience as the plane was hours late and when we were all finally on the plane the crew discovered that their passenger count was one short of that of the trip manifest and that the missing passenger had baggage in the hold.

Bomb?  They had to go back to the gate and attempt to locate and remove it as a precaution.  It was interminable, but how could one argue with responsible precaution.

We went to Cuba now because it is fairly early in the evolution of our relations with Cuba and we sought an unspoiled view of a people and a country frozen in a mid 20th century time capsule.

As soon as we got on the tour bus taking us from the airport we heard our guide proudly proclaim "The Triumph of the revolution" and this seemingly sincere pride pervades.  Everywhere we saw the handsome images of Fidel and Che.  Did our guide propagandize us or was she just attempting to share her utopian ardor?  On the other hand she did show us her ration card.

I had the foresight to bring Major League baseballs and little American flags which proved to be valuable barter currency. For example, I traded one American baseball for 5 souvenir Cuban balls.

We went to a Baseball game and the stadium compared poorly to our lowest minor league fields.  The players, however, flashed Major League skills.

The old cars we see and hear about are not a tourist gimmick.  Rather, they are everywhere serving various important functions, eg, taxis.

The squares are alive with beggars who seemed needy and wouldn't take no for an answer.  I gave one young boy a baseball and his face lit up and I believe I made his day (or month).

The architecture was old world beautiful, but crumbling and our guide revealed a rush paint job on the route of the Pope's recent visit.

The food was great (lots of lobster), especially at the private restaurant Paladars,  as was the art and dance.

A highlight was our visit to the venerable (built in 1930) El Nacional Hotel where Meyer Lansky presided from the entire top floor and where my dad visited.  I could feel their presence.

Hard as it may be to believe I shook off my internet addiction and functioned, believe it or not, like a normal person.  I will admit to compensating with an orgy of beautiful photos.

Of course, I bought cigars: Cohibas and Montecristos.

I'm really happy we went. All in all, it was a once in a lifetime possibly never again experience.


Editor John Buscarello's note: I visited Cuba in 2000 - an amazing trip! The lack of commercialism was truly astounding. Things that stand out in my mind today were the cars - we even saw an Edsel and the ballet....which was of course trained by the Russians. Go if you have the chance!