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To forge a virtually cost-free partnership steeped in the spirit of fraternity (or sorority as the case may be) that goes beyond matters of immediate concern. This spirit is best served by fostering a climate characterized by Gotham's mantra. Said another way we are all non-salaried, non-commissioned sales people for each other! Thus, we seek to create a family/tribal environment stimulating mutual growth: business, social, creative, intellectual, artistic, charitable or otherwise. Our endeavors should enrich each participant through altruistic acts undertaken with a genuine concern for the welfare of our fellow networkers and the world.

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I very distinctly remember where I was on 9/11. I was on my way into the city merrily sleeping through my everyday ordinary commute on what was not an ordinary day. From the moment I arrived at Penn Station, I knew something had gone terribly wrong. But it took me some time to piece it together. People were talking but there was no real information. I remember taking the bus across town (the subway had been shut down). I was anxious for information and so I didn't finish the ...
The Power of Gotham

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Corey Bearak for his major help he did for my company, and more importantly my industry. After Gov Cuomo announced his executive order 202.6. it had a list of all essential businesses and services. Pest Control was not specifically listed even though Chamber of Commerce and CISA declare that we are. Corey was able to work his magic and find us a request to be added to the essential list. (see link below).


I then acted and sent the request form to everyone I knew in the pest control industry to submit this request. We are still an essential service due to the fact we place a key role to the safety of our fellow New Yorkers, and business is running as normal as possible with us.


Thank you again Corey. Just proves how a spark of Gotham, can turn into a forest fire of results.


Very Respectfully,

Matthew Nowak


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