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Recently we have been witness to the incredible strength of nature. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and the wild fires of California. Nature at its strongest....and worse. Last week, we were walking in the Town of Huntington and saw nature at its strongest. Against a barren brick wall, in the crack between the wall and the concrete sidewalk, a white flower blooms. Nature at its strongest....and best. ...
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From Fox News:   A woman claims that after being sexually assaulted by a Hollywood producer, her friend, Carrie Fisher sent the man cow tongue as a warning. The story was recounted by Heather Ross to 94.9 Mix, who claims an Oscar-winning producer asked her about meeting up in person to discuss work. "I was overweight. It wasn't like I was a size 2 with huge, you know, anything," she recalled. The man allegedly sexually assaulted her in his car when they met up in per...
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  If you could pick just one Broadway show to see, what would it be?     We are big Broadway fans, most often musicals. We have seen Les Miserables multiple times and really loved Book of Mormon.     We are ready to expand our list. What are your suggestions? ...
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It happened again last week. I was rushing to get to work on time and, while putting on my panty hose, I noticed a run in them. I quickly grabbed another pair. As I was now late, I rushed to put on the new pair. In my haste,  my finger went through them causing a hole.   Happily, I was able to get the third pair on without any mishaps and get to work. But, throughout my drive to work that day, I was annoyed thinking about the waste of money spent on two pairs of panty hose, o...
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The proverbial water cooler discussion over the past week involved sexual harassment and worse. The political scientist in me viewed what occurred as a perverse exercise of power.   Acts totally unjustified.   I tweeted a Newsday editorial with my own spin, “Protecting #predators & letting acts go unpunished, endangers more people. Shame too on enablers.”   So many stories came out and one theme that interests me involves what kept the perpetrator of such harm in place...
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As I write this the "Baby Bombers" are preparing to play the Houston Astros in the ACLS. Believe or not, they were underdogs this year for even making the playoffs and now some bookies have them favored to win it all.   It's very exciting because it's a surprise. The young talent (Judge, Sanchez, Didi) aren't beset by the pressure to win. They seem to be having fun which I love because it is, in it's basic form, just a game. And games are for having fun! (and winning of cours...
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Flat TiresCamera TicketsCredit card fraudJudge strike outsPrice increasesSleepless nightsPolitical spinTakersDropped callsHurricanesDentist drillingRubber necking delaysMissed connectionsRain outsIrresponsibilityDishonestyUntruthfulnessWasteLitteringSmokingInsectsTrafficFoul weather DisloyaltyPaper cutsCrowded elevators Pushy people...
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The flight had open seating. As we settled into the seats we had chosen, we heard coughing nearby. It was the young man in the seat in front of us. The young man with the eye patch. As he continued to cough, one of his colleagues asked how he was feeling. “Not so great. The medicine hasn’t kicked in yet...and the doctor isn’t sure whether it’s bacterial or viral.” Then, between hacking coughs, he added. “The doctor said I’m contagious.” We’re getting pretty concerned and I ...
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October 11th, 1975. A powerful day in our history.   1975 - Bruce Springsteen has his first pop hit, "Born to Run." 1975 - Saturday Night Live debuts 1975 - Hillary Rodham marries Bill Clinton.     Today is a new day.You will get out of it just what you put into it. - Mary Pickford...
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  Bill and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in Puerto Rico. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in San Juan, ate well, visited quaint neighborhoods, and enjoyed meeting local people. We even climbed around a fort or two. Hurricane Maria washed that all away. I think about the people we met on the beach and at the hotel and whether they still have homes to live in, or even food and water to sustain them through this nightmare. All of the news reports confirm t...
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Recently, I wrote about a controversy in my home, toilet seats up or down. And I was grateful for all the responses. Apparently, there is another debate brewing in my home and it concerns ice, crushed or cubes?   My refrigerator makes both crushed ice and ice cubes. I have learned that I seem to have an aversion to crushed ice. My daughter loves to make herself a large cup of crushed ice and will leave the refrigerator on that setting when she’s finished. If I do not look at ...
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Yesterday involved a new milestone very important to me. I certainly welcomed it and gladly survived it. I write not about some annual date which always merits celebration reaching a level generally considered symbolic. Yesterday marked a return to court (and not the legal variety that a friend advised I strongly consider). A leg ailment and a summer primary combined to keep me from playing my regular twice a week basketball. Shelly “instructed” me to play only one ga...
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Ice Cream
Whipped cream
Sword fish (blackened)
Home Fries (crisp)
Sushi/sashimi platter
Cherry stone clams
Sea food salad
Broccoli rabe
Spare ribs
Egg rolls
Dark chocolate
Black coffee
Salted almonds
Bread and butter
(which is only food on this list I deny myself)

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I gazed at the half-full coffee mug on my desk as I stood up. I had to walk down the halls to another attorney's office to discuss a case. I thought about taking the mug with me. Nice to be able to sip the rest of my morning coffee. But something made me think twice. I took the mug anyway. As I was walking back to my office someone came rushing around a corner. What little coffee was left in the mug ended up on my shirt. I had meetings later that day. Something had to be done...
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I wish for us all to be more conscious of people in trouble, and to reach out whenever we can. Now I will leave it to those more wise than I to speak:   “There is a saying in Tibetan, 'Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.'No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster.” -Dalai Lama XIV   We don't even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward. In times of tr...
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