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Mitch Tublin

Naples, FL and Surf City, NJ, FL and NJ, 82601

E-mail: mitchtublin@yahoo.com

Phone: 914-440-3661

Company: Wenkroy International LLC

Position: Professional Advisor

  • work-phone 914-440-3661
  • mail-address mitchtublin@yahoo.com
  • mobile 2035612955
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Mitch Tublin is widely known and respected for his breadth of experience, intelligence, and his ability to rapidly grasp the critical aspects of any business situation and begin to offer solutions. Mitch dives in and takes business people to their highest levels of effectiveness. In his field as a leadership expert, an advanced certified executive coach, professional advisor, trainer and international speaker he draws on his extensive experience in corporate roles, entrepreneurial ventures, military training and participation in competitive sports. Mitch brings out an individual’s untapped potential to create the strategy, the plan and the steps necessary to achieve that person’s vision for their business and often their life, while navigating obstacles which may be blocking them from reaching their goals. The process is utilized within teams, divisions and entire companies.


As a Professional Advisor and Founder of Wenkroy International LLC with a main focus on Leadership Development, Strategic Initiatives and Executive Coaching together we check the course your currently on vs. the course you want to be navigating.
- Strategic and Business Alignment
- Executive Coaching
- Leadership Development
- Team Building
- Executive Presence
- Effective Communication
- Meeting Facilitator

Speaker for your events, retreats, conduct your panel discussions, breakout sessions
- Conduct workshops internationally and with translators as needed.
- Experienced delivering engagements Virtually.
- Open to travel to your designated location.
- in a bind? Speaker had to cancel? Contact my office for availability to fill in if possible. info@mitchtublin.com

One On One Coaching
- VIP work available by appointment
- Improve your Executive Presence, Presentation and Communication Effectiveness
- Refine your Leadership Development Skills
- Restore - Reset - Rock your future!

Business Category: Other

Website: http://www.mitchtublin.com

Good Lead: VP - Sr. Manager - seeking career advancement, leadership skills, personal growth and increased emotional intelligence. CEO - Founder - Small - Medium Size Business Owner or entrepreneur seeking more clients and creating a lasting growing business. You want to move up in the organization - let’s do this! Career transition - a person who is ready to obtain the job and the enhancements to their career search necessary to make it happen.