Tuesday musings . . . and be careful because if you are around on Monday when I am writing, you could wind up the subject of my blog!
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15 days ago 3 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  Or maybe not. I was on the trip home one day last week engrossed in reading something on my phone when I noticed a commotion behind me. We were stopped at Jamaica and an unruly passenger had come into my car, loud, angry, carrying way too many bags and disheveled. He was yelling at everyone around him and clearly making the crowd nervous. With that a woman who could have ben his grandmother jumped in and asked him what was wrong. Still loud and angry, he told her that...
22 days ago 4 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  Here I go again. This is my first blog of the new year and I have a tradition. I blog about resolutions. I’ve always had this theory that saying it out loud would hold me accountable – as if each and every one of you counted as my own personal mirror. (And yes, I know that “resolutioning” is not a word – but this time of year, it has always seemed to me to be more of a verb). I have to admit, though, that my process hasn’t really worked. I make those resolutions every ye...
29 days ago 29 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  How many of you out there still have a land line at home? We still do but frankly, I am not really sure why. The calls that come in on that landline are mostly sales calls, political calls, important notifications that I have either won a car or an expensive trip or that my computer has acquired a terrible virus that can only be fixed by providing immediate access. You get my point. People who really know and need to reach me call my cell. Why am I keeping that pho...
43 days ago 15 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  Three different times today the same thing happened. Someone called or emailed to ask for a referral. Each time the “ask” started the same way. “I’m sure you don’t know anyone who does this but . . .” Each time I was able to respond with, “well actually I do” and follow up with contact information or a warm introduction between two contacts. That feels so good. You all know exactly what I am talking about. But really, the purpose of my blog is to say thank you. We ta...
50 days ago 9 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
We have just discovered The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I know the show is in its third season but the binging in our house has just begun. We are classically behind the times. But it’s now time to catch up. We are almost finished with the first season. The writing is quick and witty and the characters strong. Some perhaps too strong. But Rachel Brosnahan as Midge Maisel is memorable. I am sure I am drawn to the show for many reasons, but one is clearly that she is clearly pa...
64 days ago 7 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  Friday night I received an email from a client. We had been working on a difficult project together. His email, however, was a simple and genuine thank you for my help. It made me stop what I was doing. The power of genuine gratitude cannot be underestimated. Sometimes around a Gotham table we ask not only what you do but why you do it. Nearly across the board, the answer is about helping people and being of service. Frankly, that is one the themes I so appreciate in our...
71 days ago 11 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  I always wear a watch. Putting on my watch in the morning is sort of like putting on my shoes. I couldn’t leave the house without either. It doesn’t matter whether I’m going to run errands, head out to work or to dinner with friends. My watch is a staple part of my wardrobe. I read a study recently about people who won't wear a watch socially. On a Saturday night when work is not top of mind and errands are long completed, they say, wearing a watch takes away some o...
78 days ago 10 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  I have seen the MASH finale so many times. We’re big fans in our house. Watching it today, on Veteran’s Day, brought a more focused perspective. Sure, it was moving to watch the poignant scenes as each of the characters figured out how to say goodbye to each other (even Trapper). That long embrace between Hawkeye and Major Houlihan is classic. But the most poignant take away for me was a story Gary Burghoff told in connection with tonight’s broadcast. Burghoff played ...
85 days ago 4 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  Microsoft recently tried an experiment. This past summer at its campus in Japan,  the workweek was cut from five to four days. Not four extended days – four regular workdays. Along with the cut in days came a new focus on time management. Meetings were restricted to 30 minutes and standard attendance at those meeting was cut. Other strategies were put in place too. The result? A 40% increase in productivity. Forty percent. Microsoft apparently wasn’t the first com...
92 days ago 12 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  We are big fans of regional theatre. We have seen a full range of shows, some better than others, but all home grown and fun. This past weekend we saw Sunset Boulevard at the Engeman Theatre in Northport. I had never seen the show before, although Bill claims to have known the music and my mom insists she has seen the show before. I thought the performance was Broadway quality and of course, there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. A few months ago, we saw Pippin at a...
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