Tuesday musings . . . and be careful because if you are around on Monday when I am writing, you could wind up the subject of my blog!
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2 days ago 16 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Because it is important.  Corey and Rona started this conversation.  It deserves to be continued. In the same steps as Rona, I also started my career in the late 1980’s as a young Jewish lawyer walking behind RBG.  Rona and I were actually young lawyers together at the same firm. I didn’t really know RBG at the time.  I didn’t know that that she had fought the fight for me and was continuing to be my champion.  I wish I did.  I certainly didn’t know that she would be conti...
10 days ago 10 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
We did not vacation at all this summer. It literally felt like one long, hot summer day. I am not really complaining. If you know me at all, you have heard me talk about how much I enjoy chilling in my back yard. I actually enjoyed my outdoors this summer more than any summer before. That said, I am starting to itch to do something, or at least plan something. Even a day trip. Have you ventured out this summer Gotham? If so, would you share your destination and COVID saf...
17 days ago 11 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
What a difference a year makes. I always loved the start of the school year. Even now, as an adult, in early September I find myself buying new notebooks and pens. The beginning of each school year always felt like the first step of a new adventure with all sorts of surprises in store. Well, part of that is still true. This school year is certainly a new adventure with surprises in store but this time also great trepidation and worry. Many of us have children heading back...
24 days ago 16 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  You walked into a bank – even pre-COVID. When I was probably 7 or 8 years old my parents took me to the local Citibank and we opened my first savings account. I remember the passbook. I probably still have it somewhere. I deposited birthday gifts, babysitting earnings, first paychecks (I always learned to save half) and more. I watched the entries in that passbook grow. I had that same account when I worked my first summer job as a law student and then again when I wen...
31 days ago 8 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  I really did not enjoy walking – but now I do. When COVID started, like all of us we tried to find activities that checked off a few boxes – safe, out of the house, healthy. For a long time, checking those boxes was not easy. Then we started walking. First, I walked every day with my daughter while she was home. When she moved out, a close friend and I started walking together once a week – socially distanced with masks of course. Weekend walks became family time – not ...
44 days ago 19 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It has been a long time coming but I did it. I made the trip into the office and spent a day at my desk. Sure, it was different. Plexiglass everywhere, hand sanitizer literally every few steps, and a bucket of wipes the size of which I have never seen. Perhaps the most difficult change for me is the taped-up coffee machine. No communal coffee. But none of that was able to put a damper on the excitement of being back in the office. I was practically giddy. To be honest, ...
52 days ago 5 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  Have you ever noticed how much meaning an old, frayed picture holds? And if it is in black and white, it is like sunshine in December! This past weekend, I was at my mom’s house. I went downstairs for something and found old photos strewn across the downstairs bedroom. I suspect that they were left over from Hurricane Sandy. Her downstairs was largely destroyed along with years of photo albums. This group of pictures was sort of stuck together but not so much so that I cou...
58 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I have been thinking lately about how much we have learned from the experience of having been thrust into the future. Pre-COVID, remote work was taking hold in some industries but largely, there was not yet a groundswell of support for a complete transition to remote across industries. Fast forward and here we are. Let me start by saying I miss my office. I miss being together in one space. I miss being able to stand up and walk into someone’s office to kick around a theor...
66 days ago 8 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  A Guest Blog By Norman Spizz   The other day while I was speaking to Nancy I told her about my weekly cousins cocktail zoom meetings. She asked me to take her blog day and write about it. So here it is.   During the first week of lockdown, I decided to have zoom cocktails with my sister who lives in Ithaca, my brother in Colorado and two of my first cousins who live locally and with whom we are very close. We decided that it might be fun to do it again a week later and inv...
73 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
  It arrived on Saturday and I could not have been more excited. My, oh my, how I have changed. At another point in my life, I would never have been moved by Saturday’s delivery. I would never have even known how it worked or had interest in finding out. It just was not my thing. But people change. Things change. Interests change. Sometimes, change is good. The last ten years have been different. I do not really know what flipped the switch. But it flipped. So, when my ne...
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