Tuesday musings . . . and be careful because if you are around on Monday when I am writing, you could wind up the subject of my blog!
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98 days ago 14 comments Categories: Books Tags:
  When summertime rolls around, I dream about just sitting in my backyard on a beautiful afternoon with a glass of wine and a good book. Thanks to David Abeshouse and Paul Napolitano, I’m on my way to expanding my taste in wine. I have even been known recently to affirmatively choose a Pinot Noir over a Moscato. Some would say progress . . . But while my wine choices seem to be under control, I’m low on books for my summer reading list. So, Gotham friends, what is your...
392 days ago 8 comments Categories: Books Tags:
  I’m just about ready for a new book. My house is about to slow down and I’m itching for a few minutes to sit outside with a good book and a glass of (sweet) wine.     My last good read was the Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. I like historical fiction and biographies, or really just well written stories.     Can you share your favorite book with me and why? My Kindle is asking for a download.   ...
2170 days ago 8 comments Categories: Books Tags:
    I finished Defending Jacob at the end of the summer and then went straight to Once We Were Brothers (at Ben’s recommendation. Great book.). I am currently in the middle of Unorthodox but I expect to be finished with that in a day or two. So, I am getting ready for something new to read. Any suggestions? Can you tell me your most recent favorite read? ...
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