Nancy Schess
A Flu Shot
Posted By : Nancy Schess

Have you yet?   Bill and I went to our local drugstore this weekend to get our annual flu shot.  What a difference a pandemic makes.   There was literally a line.  Honestly, it was kind of nice to see.  I’m pretty sure the line was a mix of folks getting COVID and flu shots but it made me feel good.   Years ago, I would never take a flu shot.  No r

Nancy Schess
Would It Make A Difference?
Posted By : Nancy Schess

  All of the food products we buy include a calorie count. Even restaurants now include that same calorie count on the menu. Do those disclosures influence your choices? What if those disclosures also included a visual of how much exercise would be needed to burn those calories? For example, the snack bag of potato chips would include a drawing

Nancy Schess
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