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2063 days ago 10 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
My 2008 Saab 93 has over 157,000 miles and is showing signs of age. She is consuming oil and coolant and is a bit noisy while going over bumps.   We've been through a lot together. Trips as far south as South Carolina and as far north as Buffalo. I spend so much time in my car, it's kind of like a second home. It's also the preferred vehicle for the Traveling Willbury's...with all the lively banter and laughs that we enjoy.   Since I'm a stick shift guy, my choices are unfort...
2070 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I injured my right hand about three weeks ago which effectively stopped my exercise regimen and golf for awhile. I've had to learn how to do a lot of things lefty which is quite a challenge. When I reach for something like a cup of tea I automaticaly use my right but have stop myself.   Now that I'm using my left hand, I'm actually feeling different. I guess it's that left brain, right brain thing.   My question is now that I'm forced to use my left hand does that qualify me ...
2077 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It's Father's day tomorrow and in honor of my Dad, I submit the following excerpts from a previous blog I posted in July of 2010.     My Dad.He helped me with my pinewood derby car for cub scouts by not building it himself
He chased me up the stairs when my sister complained to him that I hit her (which I never did) His back was a saddle I rode, laughing and falling when he buckedHe 
rooted me on the football field and in the classroom
He laughed easily and smiled a lot
And h...
2084 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
One of my guilty pleasures is watching Breaking Bad. Prompted by my daughter and son, I started watching it for the first time about 5 months ago and I'm in the middle of the final season.   I have never seen a show so well written, shot and acted. It's brilliant the way little details are woven into the story line and brought back to have meaning. The ending of the fourth season (which was originally the end date of the show before it was extended another year) was unbelieva...
2091 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
The New York Rangers are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals. I know some of you don't really care and won't read the rest of this blog but I wanted to acknowledge the incredible run they are having.   If you watch one this ridiculous and incredible save by NYR goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Because this save, in realtime, is a mere fraction of a second you need to view the entire video. It's only :50 and they show the save in slow motion from different points of view. ...
2098 days ago 11 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Over the past couple of weeks I have done a totally unscientific study of how the recent long winter has affected businesses.   There's the obvious ones that were/are dramatically affected; Nursery...sales are down compared to last yearPest control company...owner says it's like we're a month behind.Awning company...two months delayed in sales/service calls   Professional service businesses have been affected as well. Even though most are not weather related, across the ...
2105 days ago 10 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
So yesterday was my daughter, Sarah the author and Young Pro's leader's birthday. She has reached the age I was when she was born...28 years ago.   Reflecting back it's hard to picture myself at that age. I can remember feeling nervous, scared of the unknown, excited and in a state of wonderment all at the same time. The events of that year aren't totally clear but I do remember that day, that moment with clarity. It was one of the best days in my life when Sarah came into th...
2119 days ago 7 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) put out a list last month of the "dirtiest fruit and vegetables." Those that contain the most pesticides. As the shopper in the family this piqued my interest.   Here's the top 12 "dirtiest" conventionally grown: Apples Strawberries Grapes Celery Peaches Spinach Sweet Bell Peppers Nectarines (imported) Cucumbers Cherry Tomatoes Snap Peas (imported) Potatoes   To help you feel's the "clean" list Avocadoes Sweet Corn Pineapple...
2126 days ago 4 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
As Todd read the confidential document put in front of him he felt his neck tense and his hands slowly start to clench. It seemed like an eternity ago when he had committed himself to the movement. They had put him in the town of Candido Godoi monitoring all the twins to see which had potential. It was boring work but he wanted to be a part of something bigger and he was witnessing Mengle's legacy.   But now his plan was all screwed up. He didn't think Dan would have bonded w...
2133 days ago 26 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Got up, got out of bed and dragged a comb across my head. Before going downstairs to have a cup I stopped short in front of the mirror. I was staring in total disbelief and thought "who is this guy?" His beard is "frosted" and he looks much older than I thought. I eventually realized that the image in the mirror was me but I was expecting to see someone a bit younger.   I feel about 39...maybe 42 if I'm tired. If someone asked you how old do you feel, what would you say?...
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