Return to Grand Junction
Return to Grand Junction

It’s a new beginning today.


Yes my Jets start their season this afternoon with many of us holding rather high expectations, especially for the offense. I certainly plan to tune in this afternoon. But today’s blog covers another re-boot of sorts.


This beginning involves a homecoming of sorts.  A return to New York. Several years ago our daughter, Marisa, and friend Nicole took off for L.A.  It was a nice road trip and pictures, emails and texts were shared throughout.  They landed an apartment walking distance from The Grove where she later found work.  More recently she held a position at West Coast Archives; her parents greatly appreciated how the owners treated their daughter. Early this morning we welcome Marisa home.  Father and daughter will take in some concerts and ball game, as we have when she made New York her home.  Mother and daughter certainly will get to Broadway (though nothing yet in play).


When she used the app FourSquare, Marisa called our Bellerose home “Grand Junction” after a Poco instrumental from their very first LP.  On their third LP, the live DeLiverin’ recorded in New York and Boston,  Poco reprised Grand Junction as part of what fans call the “Long Medley,” sandwiched between two other songs from their first LP, “Just In Case It Happens, Yes Indeed” and “Consequently, So Long.”  For my Farewell editorial for Hofstra Law School’s CONSCIENCE, I quoted lyrics from both that spoke to moving on.  I plan to (and did!) play the Long Medley when Marisa enters our car at the airport to welcome her back. Interestingly, Marisa and I each attended a reprise of the DeLiverin' concert performed by Poco's co-founding member (with Jim Messina) Richie Furay with his band.  I attended a show last October at My Father's Place in Roslyn (I attended all of Richie's solo shows at the original MFP in '76 and '78.) with Friday's blogger.  Marisa attended the show at the Troubadour in L.A. the following month; that show, featuring Poco's second ever bassist and current Eagle (succeeding his Poco predecessor who attended the 2018 show) Timothy B. Schmit who sang lead on one of his two tunes on the original LP reprising his vocals, was recorded and filmed (The first Poco performances took place 50 years ago that month as this iconic venue.).


As Al Kooper sings, it’s a brand new day.


And on a different note, as today’s also that day, Happy Birthday mom!

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  •  Fred wrote 692 Days Ago (positive) 
    Such a good news, happy blog!
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  •  MarilynGenoa wrote 692 Days Ago (neutral) 
    A wonderful thing when you share love of the same music with your child(ren). The very few concerts I have gotten to share with my daughters have always been special. Happy Birthday to your Mom, and welcome home to Marisa.
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  •  EllynFinkelstein wrote 689 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Happy belated birthday to your mom. So great to have the grown childern close by to enjoy outings and holiday events. The Jets, well they blew it this past Sunday...Looking forward to the Cowboys/Jets on 10/13 and all the other Jets game especially tailgating with my son for one of the games. LETS GO JETS.....
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