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Its That Resolution Time of Year Again

Its That Resolution Time of Year Again
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As tonight is New Years Eve, I am thinking about resolutions. My resolutions, most years, are generally the same, I will try to lose or maintain my goal weight. This year, I really wanted to make a resolution that was different and had some meaning and substance. So here goes.


This year, my resolution is to truly examine my business model and figure out what works and what doesn’t work. Thereafter, I want to fix what doesn’t work and work on replicating what does. For me, this is a truly different resolution than that which I have made in the past.


What is your New Year’s resolution?


Happy 2019 to my Gotham family!! May the new year bring you all good health and happiness.


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  •  Cayce Crown: 
    Be more kind.
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  •  Liz Saldana: 
    I've never been one to wait for a new year, month or week to start something. I'm more the 'there's no time like the present' type; so I start things as the idea/opportunity presents itself. However, there are things I plan/hope to do in 2019: stay healthy, travel more, socialize more, take more pictures, have more fun, build my business other words, enjoy the heck out of 2019!
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  •  Fred Klein: 
    I will reveal my list on Friday, but one is to drink more water...
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