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Chronicling Our Lives
Chronicling Our Lives
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Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the CNN documentary about Gilda Radner, “Love Gilda.” It was truly an interesting documentary, a film that will stay with me.


One interesting aspect of the film was the use of Gilda’s own letters, journals, and diaries. Current comedians such as Melissa McCarthy and Amy Poehler read Gilda’s own words and thoughts. Hearing her thoughts and words so many years after her death--and hearing the readers’ appreciation of having those words available to them--made me think about my own experiences with keeping a diary.


When I was a young teenager I kept a diary. It probably looked like most diaries of that time; it was pink, with a small lock and gold gilded pages. I wrote in that diary consistently for years. Then, my older brother found it, read it, and teased me unmercifully about its contents. As a teenager, I was extremely embarrassed and threw it away. I never picked up another diary or journal.


In watching “Love Gilda,” I realized that, by throwing that diary away and never journaling again, I had unknowingly deprived my children of something meaningful, my written thoughts and feelings. I have my Mom’s address book, which is written in her own hand and has numerous notes about the people listed, birthdays, likes etc. It is one of my most valued possessions.


Do you keep a journal or diary?


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  •  Corey_Bearak wrote 196 Days Ago (neutral) 
    No diary. briefly as an adolescent and during an early campaign. Have the campaign writings. Was in a pocket note. I also have various reporters notebooks I used to take notes during a period pre-smartphones. Any one need blank reporter notebooks; I use the notes on my iPhone or iPad, or sometimes the notes section in my calendar. I save my calendars, even on line. I have a folder on my mac for each trip. As per yesterday's blog I keep a record of shows attended and separate record of set lists. Obviously my blogs and commentaries and website(s) serve as records of sorts. There's more but not to commit to public notice.
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  •  Liz_Saldana wrote 196 Days Ago (neutral) 
    No, I don't keep a diary/journal; not sure I ever did. I may still have some handwritten calendars from before I started keeping everything on my computer; but would have to look to see if I even still have those.
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  •  Fred wrote 196 Days Ago (positive) 
    Since 1970. My second son Alex’s whole life is chronicled. It was subpoenaed once and redactions were negotiated. Whatever sanity and memory I have are enhanced by daily readings (up to 1985 now and a year ago today). Great therapy to read about past anxiety and know the result!
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  •  Daniel_Schwartz wrote 196 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I used to keep a journal of my life back in my late twenties to early 30's. I thought of it as therapy and never missed a nightly entry. Once I met my now wife, that kind of ended. I found the many spiral notebooks about a year ago when cleaning out a closet. I glanced at a few pages, realizing how life has changed in so many ways (thankfully more positively) but had no interest in rehashing old times or start a new one up. Some things are just meant to stay in the past. Still, I could not part with it. Perhaps next year...
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  •  MarilynGenoa wrote 196 Days Ago (neutral) 
    As a child I did, although perhaps not religiously. It is in the back of my closet. I also take great pleasure in reviewing things I find in my mother's handwriting, including old annotated recipes--perhaps that is why I haven't thrown out any of my old writings, they will be there for my children. I will possibly try to find a moment to look back through some of them, it may be interesting to recall from actual writings what happened when I was younger, and how I reacted. I actually downloaded an ap last year that is a daily journal----but I have never used it.
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