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A little rain don’t bother me

A little rain don’t bother me
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The title represents one of two relevant song titles I considered after deciding on this blog. You see I had another topic in mind – another discussion – perhaps another day, certainly another blog. When I retired for Friday eve, I opted to bring the laptop upstairs to leave on the dining room table for easy outside deployment yesterday. The laptop allows me to deploy the larger external monitor that, in many ways represents the outside office covered in some of my prior blogs. I even re-arranged it a week prior when “GQ” (Gotham Queens) group coordinator complained about my Zoom background on one call. The recent re-arrangement satisfied Dan but also made it easy to switch from chair to a comfy chaise lounge.


So as is tradition in good weather, I enjoyed breakfast outside and used the laptop to catch some morning news on the external monitor. I also perused a few New York dailies. I later tended to the garden clearing the tree (seedling) droppings that remained so I could drop red mulch soon. I had much earlier exchanged plans with yesterday’s blogger; Gotham’s webmaster) aka “The Dude” since the eve before) advised passing on golf to get in gardening before the rains came. I recall Shelly sitting out on the other side of my “outside desk” under the large 11’ umbrella I procured earlier this season telling me as I almost completed my garden tasks that some rain began to fall. It pretty much stopped as I returned upstairs to the deck. I decided to switch to the chaise lounge from the chair. Very comfy. Some light rain but the umbrella pretty much provided coverage. Shelly retired inside. I stayed out but under cover – and then the rains came. I stayed out until it was time to get ready to go out for dinner in a nearby phase 3 community. I deployed the cover for the monitor, large enough to secure the other electronics (MacBook, iPad, iPhone, blucube speaker, surge protector, wireless landline) until time came to go inside.


The fun thing, I enjoyed sitting there outside despite the heavy rain. Thus the title above from Poco’s latest studio CD, 2012’s “All Fired Up”)


As for the other song, in ‘74, Joe Cocker released the LP, “I Can Stand A little Rain. I sure did.

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